BDO's Business Review Program for Holiday Park Owners

12 December 2019

Who is it for? For business owners, their personal aspirations and how the business helps achieve these.

Key review areas

  1. Governance
  2. Leadership
  3. Human Resources
  4. Operations
  5. Financial Management
  6. Customers and Markets
  7. Strategic Outlook

What we will achieve? Feedback from interviews with you and key stakeholders/team members will populate a diagnostic heat map. These will highlight the key areas of strength and weakness for the business, along with areas of alignment and misalignment amongst stakeholders. Once identified, we can guide a session to table these areas, work to reach consensus and set strategic actions. The outcome is an understanding of where the business is currently at - this is critical to understand in order to drive the next phase and achieve your business goals.

What makes a business successful? Businesses succeed through the collaboration of people with different skill sets and motivators. But too often, misalignment can stifle the success of your business. A business review can help identify these ar eas of misalignment.

Why do a business review? Everyone has a different idea as to what defines success. BDO’s review program begins by identifying the degree of alignment between owners and stakeholders across your business on key strategic and operational issues.

What is the process? This is achieved through a series of interviews with key personnel and the use of a diagnostic tool.

What does it cover?

  • The goals for the business, and the strategy for achieving those goals
  • The extent to which owners are aligned on key business issues
  • Key risks facing the business and how to mitigate those risks

Tell me more…

This gives business owners the opportunity to sit back and reflect on how the business is performing. It is a precursor to any subsequent strategic or business planning activity.

This review will highlight the strategic and operational issues facing your business. It includes interviews, analysis of responses in a business review diagnostic, financial analysis and a business review report.

A key outcome is understanding of stakeholder alignment on both the issues facing your business, and plans to address them.

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