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Focus of nurturing the economic wellbeing of our communities

Mehemea e pai ana te whenua e pai hoki ngā huaa – If the land is well, the fruit will be good too

Agriculture, forestry and fishing make up almost 30 per cent of the Māori asset base, according to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. At BDO, we have a deep understanding of the complexities of running a land-based business. Our extensive knowledge of the Māori Land Act and Treaty Settlements stand us in a unique position to work with Hapū groups and ensure they get the most from their land.

We understand that land-based Māori businesses have a complicated structure, made up of shareholders, governors and managers. One of BDO's central roles is ensuring all of these groups are individually attended to. With so many unique legal requirements and specific rules regarding the governance of Māori land, we help to ensure that each of these groups is operating within the regulations.

We manage share registry services so that land-based entities can more easily manage their communications. This means that anyone can use BDO to find out how many shares they have in a piece of land, where it is and any other information they might need.

Many members of the BDO team act as secretaries for land-based organisations. We service governors' meetings, ensuring they are booked correctly and everything flows smoothly. BDO also plays an operational role, working with finances and farm managers to build budgets that are aligned with the strategic direction of governors, and ensuring these plans are stuck to throughout the year.

Technical services we offer include strategic planning, setting and corporate structuring, as well as all the core BDO business advisory services, such as audit, assurance, accounting and taxation.

We understand that Hapū groups have specific requirements that need attending to on a frequent base. We set up monthly or weekly meetings to ensure we can spend the time really getting to know your business and the people in it, in order to get the best outcomes possible.



What our clients think...


Since the inception of the Maori Business (MB) team and their management of our farming accounts I and our various committee members, trustees and farm management teams have forged a very strong relationship with the MB staff. The services provided by BDO are based on this unique relationship and receptive understanding by MB team of the complexities and sensitivities when dealing with Maori Landowners, shareholders and Maori Farm Incorporations. 

Having the face of MB team at our Farm's AGM has relaxed our shareholders who tend to be overwhelmed with graphs, numbers and information overload. When presenting accounts, Kylee has provided clear explanations in ensuring shareholders fully understand the accounts and there is no doubt as to how the farms are tracking. 

Kylee plays a critical role in our Hakurenga Farm Management Committee Meetings which has been pivotal in the Committee making informed decisions on our strategic farming plan and operations moving forward. I personally have valued Kylee's account services, the analysis on how we are tracking, advice and data provided based on farming trends unique to the Tairawhiti Rohe, and her open, relaxed and friendly manner. 

The MB team has provided excellent accountancy services, advice and mentorship in enabling our farming operations to achieve success and a return for our shareholders. The MB team is a credit to BDO and the Maori Landowners of Te Tairawhiti. 

Sam Te Rapu Awarau
Chairman, Hakurenga Station

“We have been working with BDO for 3 years though it feels like much longer – in a good way!”

Whareongaonga 5 Trust is an ahu whenua trust with approximately 2486 owners. It covers almost 2000 hectares and is Maori freehold land. It is one of the larger trusts of the Gisborne region.

“Our relationship with BDO started off small with them helping us to prepare our annual accounts and it has grown and grown from there. Kylee’s extensive knowledge of our industry and our clients coupled with her upfront and honest approach has been invaluable to our success. We report to our beneficiaries and BDO provides us with exactly what we need to keep them happy.

Kylee’s team is an extension of her, everyone is in the loop and all bases are covered. The team has helped us through the transition of trustees and admin and provide governance training. Our papers are tight and we have systems and policies in place that keep us safe.

We have invested in Kylee and the team. They are a hands on, down to earth team whose attention to detail and strategic thinking keep us safe and ahead of the curve.”

Rachel Wetere
Chair, Whareongaonga 5 Blocks Trust