• Hapū

Focus of nurturing the economic wellbeing of our communities

Mehemea e pai ana te whenua e pai hoki ngā huaa – If the land is well, the fruit will be good too

Māori landowners understand all to well the holistic connection with the whenua.  If nurtured, it will nurture the people.  Hapu groups have utilised their whenua through many generations to nurture and sustain their communities.  On that journey during the formation of Ahuwhenua Trusts and Incorporations came about to manage the growing ownership base, thus bringing about corporate farming into Māoridom.

We have BDO Hapu in our regional offices. Their core focus is to nurture the economic wellbeing of their communities with the ability to connect into our wider network across NZ, and internationally.  The BDO professionals have had extensive experience in working alongside corporate farming entities and the many industries the Hapu groups participate in. These include Sheep and Beef farming, Dairy, Viticulture, Horticulture, Forestry, Tourism, Retail Trade, Property Investment and many more.  At BDO we understand the intricacies of the legislation that the entities are ruled by, and have worked alongside the Māori Land Court for an on behalf of our existing clients.

The BDO Hapu has a professional team who can assist with:

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