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BDO's 2019 Primary Healthcare Pulse Survey Report

The primary healthcare industry in New Zealand is facing many challenges and is not immune to the disruption seen across many other industries.  Those that continue to operate the same way as they have in the past may find they will struggle to keep up with what we (and the Health System) expect of them.

BDO’s Healthcare and Pharmacy team have undertaken a survey to find out from those working on the front lines, what issues practitioners are grappling with and how they really feel about the current state of the healthcare system. 

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Key findings:

  • Governance and Reporting
    The majority of practitioners do not show the same aptitude or discipline towards running their businesses as they have towards practising:
    • Of those businesses surveyed that had more than 1 owner, only 50% had a comprehensive shareholder/partnership agreement
    • A massive 78% of respondents did not yet have or have not yet considered a succession plan
    • 49% of these businesses are not receiving regular accurate reports.
  • Staffing
    Only 22% of respondents said they have no problem finding the right skilled staff when needed
  • Investment – Technology and Assets
    For an industry that has seen incredible progress with technological advancement we had expected to see a high adoption of investment in computerised accounting and patient management systems.  However, we found the exact opposite. 
  • Remuneration
    45% felt they were not fairly remunerated. It is unlikely additional funding will come from government so businesses must adapt to overcome this.
  • Work stress
    Only 19% felt they had a good work/life balance. This is not surprising as there is increasing pressure on an already constrained health system.
  • State of the health system
    The majority indicated that significant changes were required as our health system is not structured well for our changing demographics

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