Real Estate

Real Estate

Real estate development, ownership and management get more complex by the day, as the government introduces new regulatory and tax compliance laws and the real estate landscape becomes even more difficult to navigate. Working with a broad range of property developers and property owners, we'll help you to realise growth and manage your risks through our full spectrum of business advisory services.

Real estate services:

  • assurance
  • body corporate and trust account audits
  • tax and advisory
  • transactional advice
  • regulatory, corporate governance and structuring
  • advice on changes to tax law
  • mergers and acquisitions

We understand the tax and other laws and regulatory requirements involved in real estate, meaning we'll be able to ensure you're meeting your business obligations no matter how complex your financial needs are. We understand that tax is one of the biggest issues you'll face as a property developer or as a real estate business owner. 

We can help you navigate compliance-related issues, including:

  • income recognition
  • expense recognition
  • GST
  • determining and setting up the right structures for operational and tax effectiveness

Our experts will help you to understand the array of complex legislation in this space. We work with many of the largest real estate firms and body corporate managers in the country to:

  • Provide audit and other assurance services to body corporates under the Unit Titles Act 2010 and the Retirement Villages Act 2013.
  • Audit real estate trust accounts under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 and the Real Estate Agents (Audit) Regulations 2009.
  • Perform engagements in accordance with SAE 3150 Assurance Engagements on Controls to provide reasonable assurance on the operating effectiveness of the internal controls.

Our specialists will help you through the inevitable ups and downs that come with real estate. We have an extensive network both locally and worldwide which enables us to keep an eye on the current real estate climate, meaning we'll be able to flag issues as soon as they come up and show you where you can go to seize growth opportunities.

What our clients think

Crockers- LogoCrockers Body Corporate Management Limited is the largest Body Corporate Management company in New Zealand, and Crockers Property Management is the largest single office Property Management company in Auckland. Crockers is a trusted brand with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the property market.

"We engaged with BDO because they were forward thinking and wanting to work in partnership with Crockers Property Group. BDO ran through the first body corporate audit in an in-depth manner to ensure they understood our controls, processes and systems, thus making future audits more efficient, and would mean we would receive less repeat ‘silly’ questions, by documenting everything. We have engaged BDO to audit the Trust Fund accounts 3 times a year for client monies sitting in the Body Corporate, Property Management and Realty Trust Accounts. We have also engaged BDO as our Preferred Supplier for Bodies Corporate audits.  

BDO have listened to our frustrations from the prior auditor, and have engaged fantastically with the entire team here at Crockers Property Group. Wayne Monteith and Jilesh Mistry have been great right from the initial discussions. They have been pro-active in wanting to come in and meet with the various teams and to answer any questions the team had in relation to an audit. They are building a very strong partnering relationship with Crockers, and partnerships are important to us, rather than just a client/supplier relationship.

BDO provided Crockers Body Corporate Management a brochure that was co-branded that we could send/give to our clients. The brochure explains an audit versus a review, and this will help us engage with our clients in terms of understanding what the differences are. The Bodies Corporates (our clients) have a choice, and they can make the decision being fully informed. We are looking forward to a long lasting partnership with BDO".

Andrew Frost, General Manager - Finance and Corporate Services    

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