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Release Date Title
11-May-16 Ultimate Limited - Seventh Report
1-May-17 Ultimate Limited - Ninth Report
22-Nov-17 Ultimate Limited - Final Report
20-Sep-19 Uni-Rig Limited - First Report
7-Apr-20 Uni-Rig Limited - Second Report
18-Aug-20 Uni-Rig Limited - Final Report
11-Feb-19 Uplift NZ Limited - First Report
20-Aug-19 Uplift NZ Limited - Second Report
14-Feb-20 Uplift NZ Limited - Third Report
6-Aug-20 Uplift NZ Limited - Fourth Report
12-Oct-20 Uplift NZ Limited - Final Report
27-Jul-16 Utility Installations Limited – Second Report 
7-Feb-17 Utility Installations Limited - Third Report
18-Aug-17 Utility Installations Limited - Fourth Report
9-Feb-18 Utility Installations Limited - Fifth Report
31-Aug-18 Utility Installations Limited - Final Report
23-Jun-20 Verham Limited - First Report
30-Sep-20 Verham Limited - Final Report
28-Nov-16 VFW Limited - Ninth Report
12-Nov-18 VFW Limited - Final Report
10-Jun-21 Virtual Measurement System Limited - Six-Monthly Report
16-Jul-21 Virtual Measurement Systems Limited - Final Report
4-Apr-13 Voting Results MGL
4-Apr-13 Voting Results MLL
4-Apr-13 Voting Results MPCL
3-May-17 Wainui Logging Limited - Third Report
24-May-17 Wainui Logging Limited - Final Report
22-Jun-21 Wakefield Property Limited - Final Report
8-Jul-20 Wally Sutherland Limited - First Report
30-Sep-20 Wally Sutherland Limited - FInal Report
22-Dec-17 WASKPL Limited - First Report
2-Jul-18 WASKPL Limited - Final Report
20-May-21 Water Mart Wairarapa - Second Report
1-May-21 Water Mart Homes Limited - Final Report
1-Feb-18 Wayva Investments Limited - First Report
23-Jul-18 Wayva Investments - Final Report
25-Nov-20 Wilcox Group 2014 Limited - Six-Monthly Report
10-May-16 Wire by Design Limited- Eighth Report
10-Sep-16 Wire by Design Limited - Ninth Report
15-Mar-17 Wire by Design Limited - Final Report
19-Jul-16 WK Contractors Limited - Fifth Report
14-Aug-17 WK Contractors Limited - Seventh Report
18-Jan-18 WK Contractors Limited - Eighth Report
16-Jul-18 WK Contractors Limited - Ninth Report
30-Jan-19 WK Contractors Limited - Tenth Report
31-Jul-19 WK Contractors Limited - Eleventh Report
  WK Contractors Limited - Twelfth Report
17-Jul-20 WK Contractors Limited - Thirteenth Report
9-Feb-21 WK Contractors Limited - Final Report
17-Oct-16 Woodbury Rise Limited - Eleventh Report
13-Apr-17 Woodbury Rise Limited - Twelfth Report
27-May-21 Wright (2017) Contracting Limited - First Report
10-Aug-21 Wright (2017) Contracting Limited - Final Report
27-Jun-17 XCEL Motorsport Limited- First Report
21-Dec-17 Xcel Motorsport Limited - Second Report
18-Jul-18 Xcel Motorsport Limited - Third Report
17-Dec-18 XCEL Motorsport Limited - Final Report
7-Apr-17 XRHG Limited - First Report
16-Oct-17 XRHG Limited - Second Report
2-Nov-18 Xtra Management Limited - First Report
20-Feb-19 Xtra Management Ltd - Final Report