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Release Date Title
30-Aug-16 Family Design Co Limited - Third Report
11-Apr-17 Family Design Co Limited - Fourth Report
15-Sep-17 Family Design Co Limited - Fifth Report
16-Mar-18 Family Design Co Limited- Final Report
14-Jul-16 Fantail Trustee Limited - First Report
16-Nov-16 Fantail Trustee Limited - Second Report
15-Mar-17 Fantail Trustee Limited - Final Report
2-Feb-20 Farm Beach Transport Limited - First Report 
3-Aug-20 Farm Beach Transport Limited - Second Report
11-Nov-20 Farm Beach Transport - Final Report
2-Dec-19 FIL Capital Limited (previously known as Fairfax Industries Limited) - First Report
3-Jun-20 FIL Capital Limited (previously known as Fairfax Industries Limited) - Second Report
16-Nov-20 FIL Capital Limited (previously known as Fairfax Industries Limited) - Final Report
9-Feb-21 Forest Distribution Limited - First Report
10-Sep-21 Forest Distribution Limited - Final Report
31-Jan-19 Forest Furniture 2013 Limited (In Liquidation) - First Report 
10-Jul-19 Forest Furniture 2013 Limited - Final Report
28-Apr-17 Four K - Special Report
1-Nov-16 Four K Investments Limited  t/a Mad Butcher Tauranga - First Report
31-Apr-21 Functionmaster Hotels Limited - First & Final Report
6-Sep-19 GD (Gisborne) Limited - First Report
20-Mar-20 GD (Gisborne) Limited - Second Report
21-Oct-20 GD (Gisborne) Limited - Third Report
27-Jul-21 GD (Gisborne) Limited  - Fourth Report
5-Oct-16 GD (Rodney) Limited - First Report
26-Apr-17 GD (Rodney) Limited - Second Report
28-Jun-17 GD (Rodney) Limited - Final Report
5-Oct-16 GH (Taranaki) 2013 Limited - First Report
19-Dec-16 GH (Taranaki) 2013 Limited - Final Report
13-Apr-18 GH Christchurch - Final Report
19-Jan-18 GH Christchurch North Developments Limited (In Solvent Liquidation)
25-Feb-20 GH Hamilton Developments - Second Report
21-Oct-20 GH Hamilton Developments Limited - Second Report
1-April-21 GH Hamilton Developments Limited - Fourth Report
30-Jun-21 GH Hamilton Developments Limited - Final Report
5-Oct-16 GH Rodney Developments Limited - First Report
19-Dec-16 GH Rodney Developments Limited - Final Report
29-Mar-18 GH West Auckland Developments Limited - First Report
31-Aug-18 GH West Auckland Developments Limited - Final Report
9-May-16 Godding Motors - Final Report
8-Mar-21 Going to Blue Limited (In Liquidation) - Six-Monthly Report
26-Feb-20 Grey Wall Limited - Second Report
21-Oct-20 Grey Wall Limited - Second Report
1-Apr-21 Grey Wall Limited - Fourth Report
30-May-17 Grow Kiwi Limited - First Report
27-Nov-17 Grow Kiwi Limited - Second Report
5-Jun-18 Grow Kiwi Limited - Third Report
26-Nov-18 Grow Kiwi Limited - Fourth Report
8-May-19 Grow Kiwi Limited - Final Report
4-May-18 Hampshire Holdings Limited - Six-Monthly Report
20-Jul-21 H Construction School 2 PPP - Seventh Report
15-Aug-19 HDG Caravan Park Limited - First Report
4-Mar-19 HDG Caravan Park Limited - Second Report
2-Sept-20 HDG Caravan Park Limited - Third Report
8-Mar-21 HDG Caravan Park Limited - Fourth Report
15-Jun-21 HDG Caravan Park Limited - Final Report
13-May-21 Heyrex Limited, Heyrex International Limited and Heyrex Nominees Limited - Six-Monthly Report
27-Jul-21 Heyrex Limited, Heyrex International Limited and Heyrex Nominees Limited - Final Report
2-Jul-19 Hewletts Road Self Storage Limited - First Report
25-Feb-20 Hi Build Limited - Second Report
2-Sep-20 HI Build Limited - Fifth Report
8-Mar-21 HI Build Limited - Sixth Report
16-Aug-21 Hi Build Limited - Seventh Report
17-May-16 Hillside 34 Limited - Second Report
31-Jan-17 Hillside 34 Limited - Final Report
27-May-21 Honey Been Creations Limited - First Report
9-Jul-21 Honey Bee Creations Limited - Final Report
3-Jul-20 Hopkins Enterprises Limited - First Report
4-Sep-20 Hopkins Enterprises Limited - Final Report
6-Aug-21 HPH Limited, Rio Bravo Limited and The Flying Burrito Brothers Limited - Final Report
21-Jun-21 IDLE Wild Limited - First Report
9-Jun-21 Innovation Driveways Tauranga Limited - First Report
31-Oct-19 Integrity Restaurants Limited - First Report
16-Dec-19 Integrity Restaurants Limited - Final Report
8-Jul-16 Jake Paulsen Builders Limited - First Report
1-Aug-17 Jake Paulsen Builders Limited - Third Report
18-Jan-18 Jake Paulsen Builders Limited - Fourth Report
23-Jul-18 Jake Paulsen - Final Report
30-Oct-18 Jess and Tae's Water Limited - First Report
10-Apr-19 Jess and Tae's Water Limited - Final Report 
15-Apr-21 JHP Flooring Limited - First Report
7-Dec-20 Jigsaw Solutions Group Limited - First Report
9-Apr-21 Jigsaw Solutions Group Limited - Final Report
27-May-19 J L Mills Builders Limited - First Report
29-Nov-19 J L Mills Builders Limited - Second Report
2-Mar-20 J L Mills Builders Limited - Final Report
7-Sep-16 Joe Manning Logging Limited - Seventh Report
28-Mar-17 Joe Manning Logging Limited - Eighth Report
16-Mar-18 Joe Manning Logging Limited - Final Report
21-Jun-19 Jog On Limited T/A Amphora Cafe Bar - First Report
28-Nov-19 Jog On Limited T/A Amphora Cafe Bar - Second Report
26-May-20 Jog On Limited T/A Amphora Cafe Bar - Third Report
12-Oct-20 Jog On Limited Formerly Traded as Amphora Cafe and Bar - Final Report