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Release Date Title
24-May-17 Pacific Kartsport NZ Limited - Final Report
25-Feb-20 Pacific Pine Industires Limited - First Report
9-Sep-20 Pacific Pine Industries Limited - Second Report
18-Dec-20 Pacific Pine Industries Limited - Final Report
23-Aug-18 Pajen Limited - First Report
17-Oct-18 Pajen Limited - Final Report
13-May-21 Panama Road Developments Limited - Six-Monthly Report
30-Sep-19 Papakura Wreckers 1979
10-Jun-20 Papakura Wreckers 1979 Limited - Second Report
17-Nov-20 Papakura Wreckers 1979 Limited - Third Report
1-Jun-21 Papakura Wreckers 1979 Limited - Fourth Report
20-Jun-16 Paton Flooring Limited - Fourteenth Report
19-Dec-16 Paton Flooring Limited - Fifteenth Report
28-Jun-17 Paton Flooring Limited - Sixteenth Report
20-Dec-17 Paton Flooring Limited - Seventeenth Report
4-Jul-18 Paton Flooring Limited - Eighteenth Report
10-Dec-18 Paton Flooring Limited - Nineteenth Report
10-Jun-19 Paton Flooring Limited - Twentieth Report
10-Dec-19 Paton Flooring Limited - Twenty-Frist Report
22-Jun-20 Paton Flooring Limited - Twenty-Second Report
1-Sep-20 Paton Flooring Limited - Final Report
14-Jul-21 Personal Risk Solutions Limited - First Report
4-Oct-18 Petri Enterprises Ltd - First Report
4-Sep-19 Petri Enterprises Ltd - Final Report
29-Sep-21 Phar-No Construction Limited - First Report
28-Jun-16 Premier Flooring Limited - Sixteenth Report
19-Dec-16 Premier Flooring Limited - Seventeenth Report
28-Jun-17 Premier Flooring Limited - Eighteenth Report
11-Dec-17 Premier Flooring Limited - Nineteenth Report
18-Jun-18 Premier Flooring Limited - Twentieth Report
8-Dec-18 Premier Flooring Limited - Twenty-First Report
26-Jun-19 Premier Flooring Limited - Twenty-Second Report
9-Dec-19 Premier Flooring Limited - Twenty-Third Report 
26-Feb-20 Premier Flooring Limited - Final Report
21-May-21 Prodrivers Limited - Final Report
18-Aug-21 Prosper Hospitality Limited - First Report
12-Jun-18 Protective Canopies Limited - First Report
20-Nov-18 Protective Canopies Limited - Second Report
12-Jun-19 Protective Canopies Limitied - Final Report
21-Jan-19 Prolink Central Limitied (In Liquidation) Formally Known As The Business Market Limited 
6-Aug-19 Prolink Central Limited Formally Known As The Business Market Limited -Third Report
25-Aug-20 Prolink Central Limited Formally Known As The Business Market Limited - Fifth Report
3-Feb-21 Prolink Central Limited Formally Known As The Business Market Limited - Sixth Report
3-Aug-21 Prolink Central Limited Formerly Known As The Business Market Limited - Seventh Report
21-May-21 Protrucks Limited - Final Report
5-Aug-21 Pureaudio Limited -First Report
30-Aug-18 Quaife Logging Limited - First Report
24-Feb-19 Quaiffe Logging Ltd - Second Report
5-Sep-19 Quaife Logging Ltd - Third Report
26-Feb-20 Quaife Logging Ltd - Fourth Report
2-Sep-20 Quaife Logging Ltd - Fifth Report
1-March-21 Quaife Logging Limited - Sixth Report
6-Sep-21 Quaife Logging Limited - Seventh Report
14-May-18 R & S Oldfield Limited - First Report
7-Apr-17 Radius Security Australia Pty Limited - First Report
16-Oct-17 Radius Security Australia Pty Limited - Second Report
31-Jan-18 Radius Security Australia Pty Limited - Final Report
7-Apr-17 Radius Security Limited - First Report
16-Oct-17 Radius Security Limited - Second Report
31-Jan-18 Radius Security Limited - Final Report
30-Aug-16 Raiz Contracting Limited - Third Report
8-Feb-17 Raiz Contracting Limited - Final Report
17-May-16 Redoubt 71 Limited - Second Report
31-Jan-17 Redoubt 71 Limited - Final Report
16-Sep-20 Redwood Forests Limited - First Report
4-Nov-20 Redwood Forests Limited - Final Report
28-Nov-19 RG & KM Wilson Limited (Trading as Maketu Pies) - First Report
20-May-20 RG & KM Wilson Limited (Trading as Maketu Pies) - Second Report
30-Sep-20 RG & KM Wilson Lmited (Trading as Maketu Pies)
9-Nov-20 Riteway Rigging & Scaffolding Limited - First Report
16-Apr-21 Riteway Rigging & Scaffolding Limited - Final Report
9-Aug-21 Riverview Rest Home Limited - Final Report
7-Jul-21 RKN Trailer Lease Limited - Final Report
11-May-21 Rock Plaster Limited - Sixth Report
10-Aug-21 Rock Plaster Limited - Final Report
11-Apr-18 Rongonui Enterprises Limited - First Report
27-Jul-16 Rotorua Marine - Final Report
9-Jul-19 RM Family Limited - First Report
15-Jan-20 RM Family Limited - Second Report
29-Jun-20 RM Family Limited - Third Report
10-Nov-20 RM Family Limited - Final Report
24-Jul-18 S.G.L. Holdings Limited - First Report
17-Dec-18 SGL Holdings Limited -  Final Report
17-Jun-16 Sabre Engineering Limited - Fourth Report
20-Jun-17 Sabre Engineering Limited - Sixth Report
15-Dec-17 Sabre Engineering Limited - Final Report
6-Dec-19 Sai Bliss Limited - First and Final Report
27-Apr-16 Samjen Limited - Third Report
18-Oct-16 Samjen Limited - Fourth Report
10-May-17 Samjen Limited - Fifth Report
16-Oct-17 Samjen Limited - Sixth Report
16-Apr-18 Samjen Limited - Seventh Report
16-Oct-18 Samjen Limited - Eighth Report
16-Apr-19 Samjen Limited - Ninth Report 
9-Nov-19 Samjen Limited - Tenth Report
23-Apr-20 Samjen Limited - Eleventh Report
19-Oct-20 Samjen Limited - Twelfth Report
3-Jun-21 Samjen Limited T/A Bay Dentures - Final Report
3-Sept-20 Santa Fe Hog Eat Limited - First Report
9-Sep-20 Santa Fe Hog Eat Limited - Final Report
30-Jan-19 Sarhal Enterprises Limited - First Report
25-Aug-20 Sarhal Enterprises Limited - Second Report
27-Jan-20 Sarhal Enterprises Limited - Third Report
7-Apr-21 Sarhal Enterprises Limited - Final Report
13-Apr-18 Sean Cuff - Final Report
12-May-20 Sidogg Investments Limited - First Report
10-Nov-20 Sidogg Investments Limited - Second Report
2-Jun-21 Sidogg Investments Limited - Third Report
24-Sep-21 Simple Management Limited - First Report
21-Sep-18 Site Worx 2018 Limited - First Report
17-Dec-18 Site Worx 2018 Limited -  Final Report
21-Jun-21 Skedgys Transport Limited - First Report
6-Apr-21 Sky Mason Developments Limited and Tairua Mason Trustee 2013 Limited - Six-Monthly Report
29-Sep-17 Sniper Drilling Limited - Second Report
16-Mar-18 Sniper Drilling Limited - Third Report
17-Sep-18 Sniper Drilling Limited - Fourth Report
20-Feb-19 Sniper Drilling Limited - Final Report
9-Aug-16 South Pacific Repiling Specialists Limited - First Report
7-Feb-17 South Pacific Repiling Specialists Limited - Second Report
18-Aug-17 South Pacific Repiling Specialists Limited - Third Report
17-Aug-18 South Pacific Repiling Specialists Limited - Fifth Report
5-Feb-19 South Pacific Repiling Specialists Limited - Sixth Report
9-Aug-19 South Pacific Repiling Specialists Limited - Final Report
19-Dec-16 St Enterprises Limited - Second Report
19-Jul-17 ST Enterprises Limited - Third Report
17-Jan-18 ST Enterprises Limited - Fourth Report
27-Jun-18 ST Enterprises Limited - Fifth Report
27-Jun-19 ST Enterprises Limited - Seventh Report
14-Jan-20 ST Enterprises Limited - Eighth Report
22-Sep-16 Stages Civil & Electrical Limited - Third Report
11-Apr-17 Stages Civil & Electrical Limited - Fourth Report
13-Oct-17 Stages Civil & Electrical Limited - Fifth Report
16-Mar-18 Stages Civil & Electrical Limited - Sixth Report
17-Sep-18 Stages Civil & Electrical Limited - Seventh Report
19-Mar-19 Stages Civil & Electrical Limited - Eighth Report
15-Jun-20 Stages Civil & Electrical Limited - Final Report
27-Apr-21 Stainless Downunder Marine Limited - First Report
27-Apr-21 Stainless Down Under NZ Limited - First Report
8-Mar-21 Steel Pencil Holdings Limited - First Report
26-Jan-21 Strategic Finance Limited - Sixth Report
18-Oct-16 Strongline Buildings Limited - Fifth Report
21-Apr-17 Strongline Buildings Limited - Final Report
5-May-17 Suelex Limited - First Report
10-Feb-20 Supermac Group Resources Limited - First Report
1-Jul-20 Supermac Group Resources Limited - Second Report
25-Jun-18 Tauranga Dive Limited - Second Report
26-Oct-18 Tauranga Dive Limited - Final Report
8-Sep-16 Tawil Holdings Limited - Sixth Report
3-Mar-17 Tawil Holdings Limited - Final Report
12-Feb-21 Tax Hub Group Limited - First Report
17-May-21 Tax Hub Group Limited - Final Report
22-Jun-21 Te Awa The Base Pharmacy Limited - First Report
6-Dec-16 Te Hokotahi Limited - First Report
23-Jul-17 Te Hokotahi Trasport Limited - Final Report
11-May-16 Texcote 2007 Limited - Second Report
9-Nov-16 Texcote 2007 Limited - Third Report
4-May-17 Texcote 2007 Limited - Fourth Report
20-Sep-17 Texcote 2017 - Final Report
11-May-16 Texcote Painting and Maintenance Limited - Second Report
9-Nov-16 Texcote Painting and Maintenance Limited - Third Report
4-May-17 Texcote Painting and Maintenance Limited - Fourth Report
30-Oct-15 Texcote Painting and Maintenance Limited - Final Report
25-May-17 The BOP Harness Racing Club - First Report
11-Apr-18 The New Zealand Dessert Company - First Report
4-Oct-18 The New Zealand Dessert Company - Second Report
29-Apr-19 The New Zealand Dessert Company - Third Report
04-Sep-19 The New Zealand Dessert Compary Limited - Final Report
11-Apr-18 The Real Meal Company Limited - First Report
19-Dec-16 TLL Equipment Limited - First Report
22-May-17 TLL Equipment Limited - Second Report
17-Nov-17 TLL Equipment Limited - Third Report
30-May-18 TLL Equipment Limited- Final Report
23-Sep-16 TMP Quality Fixing Limited - Eighteenth Report
15-Mar-17 TMP Quality Fixing Limited - Nineteenth Report
29-Sep-17 TMP Quality Fixing Limited - Twentieth Report
14-Mar-18 TMP Quality Fixing Limited - Twenty-first Report
12-Sep-18 TMP Quality Fixing Limited - Twenty-Second Report
14-Mar-19 TMP Quality Fixing Limited - Twenty-Third Report
30-Oct-19 TMP Quality Fixing Limited - Twenty-Fourth Report
30-Mar-20 TMP Quality Fixing Limited - Twenty-Fifth Report
16-Jul-20 TMP Quality Fixing Limited - Final Report
15-May-19 Toa Health and Fitness Pty Limited - First Report
9-Aug-19 Toa Health and Fitness Pty Limited - Final Report
13-May-21 T.O. Mills & Son Limited - Sixth Report