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Release Date Title
1-Jul-21 Karori Supermarket Limited - First Report
27-Jul-18 Kaurs Retail Coffee Company Limited - First Report
10-Dec-18 Kaurs Retail Coffee Company Limited - Final Report
26-Mar-21 Kevin O'Connor & Associates Limited - Six-Monthly Report
30-Nov-18 KG Building Limited - First Report
5-Jun-19 KG Building Limited - Second Report
13-Dec-19 KG Building Limited - Final Report
12-Apr-17 Kimiora Limited - First Report
17-May-16 Kingsland Properties Limited - Second Report
31-Jan-17 Kingsland Properties Limited - Final Report
27-Apr-21 Kiwi Closures Limited - First Report
19-Oct-21 Kuaka New Zealand Limited - First Report
27-May-21 K & D Nails Limited - First Report
17-May-16 Lakeland Haulage Limited - Second Report
24-Nov-16 Lakeland Haulage Limited - Third Report
22-Nov-17 Lakeland Haulge Limited - Fifth Report
30-May-18 Lakeland Haulage Limited - Final Report
1-Mar-17 Land Holdings NZ Limited - First Report
20-Sep-17 Land Holdings NZ - Second Report
16-Mar-18 Land Holdings NZ - Final Report
2-Nov-20 Lan Sen Investments Limited - First Report
31-May-21 Lan Sen Investments Limited - Final Report
15-Aug-16 Lasco Limited - Third Report
28-Feb-17 Lasco Limited - Fourth Report
14-Aug-15 Lasco Limited - Final Report
23-Sep-20 LD Construction Limited - First Report
26-Feb-21 LD Construction Limited - Final Report
2-May-16 LeftBrain Group Limited - Third Report
17-Oct-16 Leftbrain Group Limited - Fourth Report
9-Dec-16 Leftbrain Group Limited - Final Report
15-May-19 Lidgard Farms Limited - First Report
25-Nov-19 Lidgard Farms Limited - Second Report
14-May-20 Lidgard Farms Limited - Third Report
9-Nov-20 Lidgard Farms Limited - Fourth Report
17-May-21 Lidgard Farms Limited - Fifth Report
22-Jun-21 Life Pharmacy Tauranga Crossing Limited - Initial Report
30-Oct-17 Lifestyle Living Limited - First Report
9-Oct-17 Lifestyle Projects Consulting Limited - First Report
16-Apr-18 Lifestyle Projects Consulting Limited - Second Report
5-Oct-18 Lifestyle Projects Consulting Limited - Third Report
9-Apr-19 Lifestyle Projects Consulting Limited - Fourth Report
29-Oct-19 Lifestyle Projects Consulting Limited - Fifth Report
14-Apr-20 Lifestyle Projects Consulting Limited - Sixth Report
18-Aug-20 Lifestyle Projects Consulting Limited - Final Report
7-Nov-16 Liquid Entertainment Limited - Seventh Report
29-May-17 Liquid Entertainment Limited - Eighth Report
17-Nov-17 Liquid Entertainment Limited - Ninth Report
31-Jan-18 Liquid Entertainment Limited - Final Report
27-Mar-20 Little Goose Eatery Limited - First Report
18-Aug-20 Little Goose Eatery Limited - Final Report
1-Jun-16 Mainstay Development - Final Report
1-Mar-13 Mainzeal Liquidators Media Release
15-Mar-13 Mainzeal Group First Statutory Report
24-Sep-13 Mainzeal Group Second Statutory Report
27-Mar-15 Mainzeal Group Fifth Statutory Report
23-Sep-15 Mainzeal Group Sixth Statutory Report
30-Mar-16 Mainzeal Group Seventh Statutory Report
23-Sep-16 Mainzeal Group Eighth Statutory Report
17-Mar-17 Mainzeal Group Ninth Statutory Report
22-Sep-17 Mainzeal Group Tenth Statutory Report
27-Feb-18 Mainzeal Group Eleventh Statutory Report
27-Sep-18 Mainzeal Group Twelfth Statutory Report
24-Sep-21 Mainzel Group Eighteenth Statutory Report
16-Sep-20 Mainzeal Group Liquidation - Sixth Report
12-Mar-21 Mainzeal Group Liquidation - Six Monthly Report
27-Jul-20 Matata Hotel P&J 2007 Limited - First Report
22-Jan-21 Matata Hotel P&J 2007 Limited - Second Report
31-Mar-21 Matata Hotel P&J 2007 Limited - Final Report
5-Jul-18 Maxiservices 2009 Limited - First Report
23-Apr-21 McDouall Stuart Securities Limited - Six-Monthly Report
3-June-21 McGannon Motels Limited - First Report
8-Jul-21 MCW Supermarkets Limited - Final Report
16-Aug-21 Mead Pastoral Farm Management Limited - First Report
28-Nov-19 Mead Pstoral Limited Partnership - Final Report
19-Nov-18 Medicann IP Limited - First Report
14-May-19 Medicann IP Limited - Second Report
27-Nov-19 Medicann IP Limited - Third Report
8-Jun-20 Medicann IP Limited - Fourth Report
8-Dec-20 Medicann IP Limited - Fifth Report
8-Jun-21 Medican IP Limited - Sixth Report
19-Nov-18 Medicann NZ Holdings Limited - First Report
14-May-19 Medicann NZ Holdings Limited - Second Report
27-Nov-19 Medicann NZ Holdings Limited - Third Report
8-Jun-20 Medicann NZ Holdings - Fourth Report
8-Dec-20 Medicann NZ Holdings Limited - Fifth Report
8-Jun-21 Medicann NZ Holdings Limited - Sixth Report
19-Nov-18 Medicann NZ Limited - First Report
14-May-19 Medicann NZ Limited - Second Report
27-Nov-19 Medicann NZ Limited - Third Reoprt
8-Jun-20 Medicann NZ Limited - Fourth Report
8-Dec-20 Medicann NZ Limited - Fifth Report
8-Jun-21 Medicann NZ Limited - Sixth Report
26-Mar-21 Megalog Limited - First Report
9-Apr-20 Metagame Technologies Limited - First Report
10-Sep-20 Metagame Technologies Limited - Final Report
15-Jun-16 Michael Hayman Final Report
8-Oct-21 Milestone Motor Carz Limited - First Report
22-Dec-17 Miller Family Foods Limited - First Report
11-May-18 Mineral Equity Limited - First Report
19-Nov-18 Mineral Equity Limited - Second Report
22-Mar-19 Mineral Equity Limited - Final Report
11-Sep-20 MK&T Jewlery Limited - First Report
23-Feb-21 MK&T Jewlery Limited - Final Report
29-Aug-16 MKJK Limited - First Report
24-Mar-17 MKJK Limited - Second Report
25-Aug-16 MKJK Limited - Final Report
17-Apr-20 Monarch Limited - First and Final Report
11-May-16 Mondeor Limited - Second Report
14-Nov-16 Mondeor Limited - Final Report
23-Oct-19 Morgan Earthworks Limited - First Report
21-Oct-20 Morgan Earthworks Limited - Third Report
21-Apr-21 Morgan Earthworks Limited - Fourth Report
21-Oct-21 Morgan Earthworks Limited - Fifth Report
29-Sep-21 Most Faded Barbers Limited - First Report
14-Jun-21 Motordrome Auto Services (Wgtn) Limited - Final Report
9-Aug-16 Moturere Harvesting Limited - Second Report
9-Feb-18 Motutere Harvesting Limited - Fifth Report
30-May-18 Motutere Harvesting Limited - Final Report
6-Jul-18 Murray & Nelson Construction Limited
5-Jul-21 My Sisters Kitchen Limited - First Report
6-Sep-21 My Sisters Kitchen Limited - Final Report
16-Apr-20 NACO Enterprises Limited (In Liquidation and Receiver of Assets Appointed) - First Report
10-Aug-20 NACO Enterprises Limited (In Liquidation and Receiver of Assets Appointed) - Final Report
16-Apr-20 NACO Haulage Limited (In Receivership & In Liquidation) - First Report
10-Aug-20 NACO Haulage Limited - Final Report
10-Mar-21 Neales Foundry (2016) Limited - First Report
10-Sep-21 Neales Foundry (2016) Limited - Second Report
20-Sep-17 Neat Movies - Final Report
7-Jun-21 New Zealand Hi Tech Association Society Incorporated - Final Report
31-Aug-18 New Zealand Specialty Kiwifruit Products Limited - First Report
11-Feb-19 New Zealand Specialty Kiwifruit Products Limited - Second Report
12-Jun-19 New Zealand Specialty Kiwifruit Products Limited - Final Report
8-Jul-21 Nicholls Investments Limited - Final Report
25-Oct-17 Nomad Protogenia Limited - First Report
16-Mar-18 Nomad Protogenia - Final Report
22-Oct-20 Norman Contracting Limited - First Report
9-Feb-21 Norman Contracting Limited - Final Report
27-Oct-20 Northern Construction Wellington Limited - First Report
4-Mar-21 Northern Construction Wellington Limited - Final Report
9-Sep-21 NZCN 6299910 Limited - First Report
9-Oct-21 Odus Construction Limited - First Report
11-Jun-20 Ohau Protection Society Incorporated - First Report
3-Dec-20 Ohau Protection Society Incorporated - Second Report
11-Jun-21 Ohau Protection Society Incorporated - Third Report
7-Aug-18 O'Hearn Holdings Limited - Second Report
22-Mar-19 O'Hearn Holdings Limited - Final Report
31-May-21 Okoki Limited - First Report
9-Aug-21 Okoki Limited - Final Report
10-Jul-17 Orchard Holdings Limited - First Report
13-Dec-17 Orchard Holdings Limited - Final Report