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Both BDO Whangarei and BDO Kerikeri operate specialist Audit & Assurance divisions. Our teams are engaged and are genuinely passionate about what we do and the services we provide.  A major part of our job satisfaction stems not only from completing a quality job in a timely manner but also from adding value through internal control recommendations. 

BDO Whangarei offers the following unique attributes that we believe sets us aside from our competition:

  • Audit is our focus. We are not involved with everyday compliance work and our continuing education is relevant to our needs.
  • We have an in depth knowledge and understanding of NZ IFRS and PBE reporting standards. For particularly complex matters we have access to our National technical division.
  • Adelle Allbon is the only licensed auditor north of Auckland and BDO Northland is the only local licensed audit firm. This means that that we must operate to the highest level of standards and continued education.



We offer the full range of audit services whether that be for statutory compliance, charitable requirements, funding purposes or upon voluntary request.

We understand the important role we play in helping Directors/Trustees and Stakeholders use that information with confidence. With our international methodology and software programs, we go beyond delivering independent financial statement audits to provide you with constructive ideas for improving internal controls, financial systems and procedures in your business. We have a wide range of expertise across a range of diverse industries.


As auditors we have a natural predisposition to understanding and interpreting financial reporting standards – we work with them every day. 

If your organisation has a financial reporting challenge such as the adoption of a new NZ IFRS standard or transitioning to a new framework our team of experts can help.


There may be occasions where an audit is required for a special purpose. Examples of this can include Ministry of Education funding or reporting on a specific grant. These audits can be tailored to exactly what is required and may be a more cost effective option than a full financial statement audit.


If your organization is small and non-complex but you still require some form of independent assurance a review might be a good option for your Board to consider. Contact the team at BDO Whangarei to find out more.


BDO Whangarei work with a number of clients to deliver internal audit programmes.  We report directly to the Audit Committee whilst working with management to profile risk and agree upon topics best designed to provide the appropriate level of risk based assurance.



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