• Budget 2019


Mental Health

Mental Health is clearly a serious issue, one that we don’t understand well enough, and seems to be more and more prevalent. It is affecting our people and their ability to function in many aspects of life, family and business.

  • $455m to improve access for primary mental health and addiction
  • Focusing on mild to moderate needs, not just those severely affected
  • $40m to suicide prevention

This will be a hard one, there is still discrimination in mental health, one that is (with logic) avoided by insurance companies, and still carries a stigma in all aspects of life and work. Making it free to come forward is but one barrier removed. Asking for help is a considerable hurdle for many to overcome, and frustrating when that help is still harder to diagnose and treat than physical health. But where else do you start?

General Health

  • More nurses in schools
  • Housing First to reach more people
  • Addressing family & sexual violence
  • Addressing State care
  • $12m to target rheumatic fever


The Government has committed $150 per pupil per year, affecting 1,700 schools in deciles 1-7 from the 2020 school year if schools agree to stop requesting donations from parents.