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Global Risk Landscape Reports:

In 2016, we released our first BDO Global Risk Landscape report to start a discussion about the key concerns faced by business leaders around the world. The Global Risk Landscape reports have become an important source of information on how business leaders and senior risk specialists around the globe perceive and manage the risks their businesses face.


Agile and innovative businesses are the best placed to manage and mitigate business risks, as discovered through the results from a survey with over 500 C-suite and senior risk experts across the globe surveyed for the Global Risk Landscape 2018 report.

The global business environment continues to change at pace. Digital technologies are providing new and faster ways of developing and delivering products and services. Supply chains, legal and regulatory frameworks and political factors are all changing as a result. The increasing pace of change and the volatility of risk represent potential threats to business.

Discover why businesses that react to risks and opportunities quickest and most effectively through agility and innovation will thrive and how the world’s leading risk experts plan to overcome the risks they face.

Download the 2018 Global Risk Landscape Report