• Brand Marketing Effectiveness Audit

Get more from your marketing

Marketers and CFOs haven't always seen eye for eye on the value of marketing. Many still view marketing as more of a "cost" vs "investment". Historical views about marketing - that it's not scientific and is therefore hard to measure - have contributed to these doubts.

Whilst it isn't easy to calculate return on investment for brand-building activities, this doesn’t mean it shouldn't be measured.

BDO is leading the development of a new generation of marketing effectiveness with the introduction of the Brand Marketing Effectiveness Audit. Unlike traditional marketing measurement techniques, our service will guide your business towards a more integrated approach between Marketing and the rest of the business; focused on collaboration, integrated planning, agreed priorities and outcome transparency.

We have identified these critical levers to help your business find new ways to achieve increased bottom line outcomes from your marketing spend. 

Give your marketing a better chance to succeed

By working through our Brand Marketing Effectiveness Audit you can expect to achieve:

  • Consistency in brand measurement (rather than point-in-time) making fast changing trends visible
  • Maximum return on marketing investment for customers and shareholders
  • Financial and non-financial KPI’s tracked to highlight key sources of brand value
  • Detailed understanding of how brand investments: impact the business and link to financial consequences
  • Marketing investment decisions which factor in both short-term and long-term impacts