• Fraud & Corruption Risk Management

Help to deal with threats

While New Zealand is relatively corruption free, fraud still occurs in many organisations both in the private and public sector.

The BDO Forensic Services team can provide help to investigate fraud and corruption, trace and recover assets, establish liability and mitigate the impact of financial and economic crime.

Whether investigating fraud, accounting black holes, regulatory breaches, employee misconduct or other financial crime, we build multi-disciplinary teams tailored to the requirements of the assignment.

Our Forensic Services team regularly conducts, complex financial investigations for insurers and law firms.  We have carried out fraud investigations which have been later prosecuted by the Police. 

International borders are no boundary for BDO. We regularly conduct computer forensics and data recovery through a network of trusted local associates and offshore through BDO member firms. Our investigation services can also use the services of ex-law enforcement personnel to assist with investigations and interviews if required. 

We can also assist to minimise the chances of recurrence. Our colleagues in Risk Advisory Services can develop and implement fraud prevention measures that protect businesses against the threat of economic crime. 

We can also use the BDO member firms worldwide to provide additional expertise across the globe.