• Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services

Advanced Financial Management Programme

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t got the profit your Accountant has told you you earned in the bank? 

This programme has been designed to provide businesses with a working understanding of the financial basics that they need to run their business. The programme provides today’s small to medium business manager with practical skills and knowledge to analyse and interpret the financial performance of a business. It also gives an understanding of how to use these skills to identify emerging problems. Particular emphasis is given to understanding what profit versus cashflow is and key performance indicator monitoring systems. 

The Expected Outcome of Attending This Programme 
• Participants will have a better understanding of critically important financial management principles and methods of diagnostic analysis. You will therefore be able to exert tighter control over your business and identify emerging problems more quickly. 
• Participants will be able to work more effectively with their financial advisers because they’ll have a better understanding of the language of finance. 
• Most importantly, participants will learn about business-specific financial performance indices that they can use in the ongoing management and control of their business. 

Workshop: 2 x 3 Hour sessions 

Business Vision and Strategy

Every business requires a well thought through vision. The first step towards crafting a vision statement is to take a careful look at where you are as a business, your place in the market and your realistic goals for the immediate and long-term future. 

You will learn to use tools such as PESTLE to analyse the impact external factors have on your business and gauge the macro environmental factors that can affect business strategies including political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal. This will allow you to gain a true understanding of the space you are operating in and where you want to take your business. 

A vision is inspirational, it lays out the important primary goals for the business. Unlike business plans a vision generally doesn’t outline a plan to achieve these goals. By outlining the key objectives for the business you will allow the stakeholders of the business to get on board and help you achieve your goals. 

You will then develop a strategy that fits your business vision – enabling you to achieve your objectives. A strategy is a well thought through plan or method that will be employed to achieve the results desired. Setting the vision and strategy are high level governance initiatives that every successful business to be requires. 

4 hour one on one session, plus preparatory work

Business Planning

A business plan provides you with the “what will we do and when” to make the business vision and strategy come alive. It maps the road to where you are to where you want to take your business through carrying out a thorough SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis of the business. You will define what the key steps are for the business to take. 

A SWOT analysis will also help you to pinpoint the positives and negatives of your business, both internally and therefore in your control (the strengths and weaknesses) and externally outside of your control (opportunities and threats). 

The plan will ensure the business objectives are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time banded). Identify the critical success factors for each objective and the KPI that enables the business to measure whether it has been achieved. 

4 hour one on one session, plus preparatory work.

Business Coaching 

One on One coaching services provided to you and your business on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis depending on your personal and business needs. 

These coaching sessions are designed to give participants the tools to identify critical issues in their business and areas for improvement. Participants will learn and be guided in how to achieve the goals/targets they have set. Strategies will be put in place together with action plans to ensure they are met. There is a strong requirement to feedback on progress at each meeting holding participants firmly accountable for the results and ensure they stay on track.