• 2021 BDO Global Risk Landscape report

    Explores insights on how reputational risk is perceived and managed in 2021 and beyond.

2021 BDO Global Risk Landscape report: The art of the unknown

The 2021 BDO Global Risk Landscape report, offers an in depth look into the key risk management lessons that businesses should take into 2022. The report examines why a quarter of senior global business leaders didn’t respond quickly enough to the COVID-19 pandemic, what those who did respond quickly have in common, and how best to navigate a crisis when traditional approaches won’t work.

Perhaps most importantly, the report focuses on the vital importance of changing perspectives around operational risk in business, and the benefits of adopting a ‘risk-welcoming’ attitude. Drawing on the experiences and insights of 500 senior global business leaders, the sixth edition of the Global Risk Landscape report aims to help companies become more adapatable to meet the ERM challenges of a rapidly changing world.  

View the 2021 BDO Global Risk Landscape report for insights into topics that are critical to businesses today ranging from digital transformation spurred on by the pandemic, to the tipping point of ESG risks. You’ll also learn the answers to these questions:

  • How did businesses adapt to unparalleled levels of disruption?
  • How will long-term risk management principles change after this year?
  • What are the dangers of instilling a ‘blame culture’?
  • What links technology and risk management together?
  • What risks are CEOs thinking will come next and how will they rise to them?




Scaling Uncertainty: Perspectives on the New Zealand risk landscape

Here in New Zealand, our national response to the pandemic, geographic location, and recent economic growth have all made our position different to that of many other countries. This means we have a unique set of challenges before us. The Global Report has relevant information for all businesses, but to make things easy, we have put together Scaling Uncertainty - an overview of the key insights for New Zealand businesses, large and small.

In Scaling Uncertainty, we aim to make clear how NZ businesses can develop a risk-welcoming attitude, and what challenges are most likely to come next for us here in Aotearoa. This overview highlights a few of the biggest challenges that are forecasted for NZ businesses, including the current skills/labour shortage, the increasing value of investing in data analysis and other technology, and the already critical importance of tackling Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.




View our brief video on Global Risk Landscape report insights here: