• Business Review Program

Get started with the right plan

The BDO Business Review gives business owners and management the opportunity to reflect and agree on how the business is performing and where it is at.  It is a precursor to any strategic or business planning activity. 


As a business owner, you’ve got to know where you’re starting from and what you’re working with before making a steady launch into your business growth strategy.

The BDO Business Review Program will help support you with this.

BDO’s Business Review Program will equip you with an understanding and the knowledge across all areas of the business. It assists with the identification of misalignments or gaps in various areas within the business, and ensures everyone is on the same page moving forward towards growth.


The steps involved with BDO’s Business Review Program

Your BDO adviser will conduct an in-depth questionnaire and/or interview with each of your business’s stakeholders. This process allows for thorough insights that will take you outside of the business and also, take an in-depth look back within.

From this, your BDO adviser will run you through a visual diagnostic tool and a tailored report that will highlight the key pressure points within the business. This presentation format allows for you, and other stakeholders, to understand and unlock insights on formulating the next steps. Your BDO adviser will then work with you to create a tailored solution that will allow your business to succeed moving forward with new growth.


BDO’s Business Review Program is for all businesses and Not for Profit Entities. Even if your business has been succeeding, the program is a great way to take stock of where your business is currently sitting. If undertaken regularly, you will be able to clearly see where your business has come from and its potential for growth in the future.


BDO Business Review Program comes with the guidance and expertise of your BDO adviser who has experience in developing growing a wealth of various businesses. Let us be your sounding board when decision-making for growth in various parts of your business.

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