• How does it work?

How does the BDO Business Review Program work?

The first stage of the process involves each stakeholder filling out a questionnaire. There's a short version which will give you a diagnostic and a heat map showing where the areas of pressure are. There's also a longer questionnaire which might take an hour to complete but will really dig down into the finer details of your business. This part of the process will work best if each stakeholder fills out the form independently of the others.

Business review program heat map

From this, we'll be able to see where the key points of tension are in the business. We'll run a diagnostic and create a tailored report for the client, including a heat map that will highlight these key pressure points and the degree of alignment on each one.

The program doesn't stop there, however. As part of our advisory role, our Partners will sit down with you and talk through these issues so that, together, we can create a tailored solution that will allow your business to move forward. The Business Review Program can assist businesses to solve a whole range of issues, including:

  • tax and compliance
  • exit strategy
  • not making enough money
  • not getting on with other partners

At BDO we care about our clients and the ongoing relationships we have with them, which means we'll normally set up follow up meetings after the initial program has been completed. In these, we'll discuss your business' Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and whether they're still in line with the plan of action we've agreed to in the Business Review Program.