• Business Benchmarking

Why should I benchmark?

Questions business owners often ask us

Profitability measures

  • How does my gross profit compare to the industry?
  • Are my wages higher or lower than others in our segment?
  • Are my premises costs similar to the benchmark?

Return on investment metrics

  • We believe we are receiving a good return on our investment in the business. However, is that higher or lower than others in our industry?
  • Do we have the right capital structure?

Sales trends

  • The business sales seem to be in decline. Is this consistent with the market as a whole?
  • How well are we converting sales into bottom line profits?

Cash flow and working capital analysis

  • We appear to be making a profit. Why isn’t it reflected in our cash levels?

We often find business owners prefer to review results graphically and at a high level due to time constraints running a business. We can design a suite of KPI graphs, including industry benchmarks where available to assist your business planning.

If you would like to have a conversation about benchmarking your business contact Steve Cammish or Jonathan Wilgermein.