Dave Griffiths, Tax Partner

Dave Griffiths

Tax Partner

BDO Wellington

+64 4 555 1137

021 196 2325



Chartered Accountant (Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand)

Executive Summary 

Dave has been advising businesses on New Zealand and international tax matters for more than 25 years.  He has a common sense approach to matters and works collaboratively to achieve practical and sustainable outcomes.

Dave’s expertise includes:

  • Practical and commercial input on decisions regarding the acquisition, disposal and structuring of businesses including new investments. Dave has worked on some of New Zealand's largest commercial transactions through to smaller transactions involving privately owned businesses;
  • The ability to navigate through complex commercial and political situations to solve problems, mitigate risk and optimise opportunities;
  • The application of New Zealand and international tax law to New Zealand businesses;
  • Negotiating with counterparties in a transactional setting and with regulatory bodies such as Inland Revenue to achieve practical and sustainable outcomes.
  • Working with a diverse range of people and personalities. Developing enduring and mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Assistance and advice on corporate tax compliance matters including tax returns, tax effect accounting and related financial statement disclosures.

Dave is interested in innovation and how it can be used to better serve the businesses that he is involved in. He was one of the first people in New Zealand to promote the use of tools such as robotic process automation, machine learning and data visualisation in the tax area.

Professional Affiliations

Member of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand

Member of the International Fiscal Association


Bachelor of Law

Bachelor of Commerce and Administration

Harvard Distance Leadership program

EY Leadership program (Darden Faculty)