Educate and Energise

On the third Thursday of every month (*times subject to change as determined by our members) we hold an Educate and Energise session. In these sessions we aim to get you up to speed on a variety of topics whilst also giving you the opportunity to meet others in the same stage of business, to collaborate with other members and build your networks.

Sessions commence at 12.00pm with a light lunch which gives you the chance to catch up with BDO contacts, the other members of the group and introduce you and your business to our new members.

The presentations are made by BDO or one of our contacts on a variety of topics. Previously we have covered:

Tax & GST (presented by BDO)

What can I claim as a business expense? We give you tips and tricks on what expense you should be claiming Also an overview on GST, provisional taxes and tax rates

Brand & Public Relations (presented by Renown Public Relations)

Your brand is how your business is represented in the market place where trust and authenticity are paramount. How do you go about achieving this successfully for your business?

Insurance & ACC (presented by Camelot Group and BDO)

As a business owner you need to ensure you are managing your risks with the right insurance cover so that your business can still run if you are out of action. Also, ACC affects everyone so you need to understand the levies and options for cover available to you.

Although we recommend that you attend all sessions, we know that life is busy. We provide a summary schedule to all members after the session so if you can’t make a session you will still be kept up to date with the content and tips and tricks presented.

We offer the opportunity for anyone to come along to one of our monthly sessions for FREE to see if the incubator is right for their business so contact us to find out more.

To find out what our next session is on head to our registration page.