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Technology has transformed the way we do business. The growing adoption of cloud-based technology is providing business owners, like you, with financial confidence and clarity. Driven by an on-demand availability of information, accessible from anywhere and at any time, the cloud is becoming the default option for many of New Zealand’s small to medium enterprises. Increasingly, leading New Zealand businesses are moving to or already rely upon a cloud accounting system, which allows business owners to streamline their finances and make business decisions based on real-time information.

Although the benefits of moving to the cloud are clear, finding the right technologies for your business can be tricky. That’s where we can help. Our team are well placed to help you implement a variety of cloud based solutions to meet your individual business needs.



As the world’s biggest single user of Xero, the BDO New Zealand network has helped over 10,000 of New Zealand’s small to medium enterprises move to the Cloud. When you sign up to Xero through BDO, you are given much more than a subscription. You’ll benefit from our exclusive platinum partner pricing plans and on-demand advice from our Xero certified advisers.




Xero’s online accounting software is designed to make small business easier. Xero can help you:

  • Keep accurate records
  • Keep watch on your business health
  • Get paid faster
  • Connect to your bank so transactions flow in to your Xero feed automatically
  • Track inventory and keep track of stock
  • Pay staff, send payslips and run reports
  • Easily record, claim and manage expenses and receipts online
  • Protect your precious business information with extra layers of security
  • Capture expenses, invoice and reconcile when you’re on the move from their handy app
  • Track the time and money you’re spending on jobs
  • Accept payments

If your business could benefit from any of these features, contact us today for your free one hour Xero consultation.


We offer tailored training options to transition to Xero and upskill your team. Contact us now to see how we can help.


­­Most business owners don’t get into business because of their love of finances. It is often the trickiest part of running a business but that’s exactly where BDO can support you. Futrli is accounting software with a difference. It helps us to add value through intuitive reporting and KPI dashboards. As Futrli bronze partners, our advisers can help you tailor the Futrli business intelligence tool to suit your business needs. We can also help you implement a seamless link to your Xero data or assist you in manually importing your data from other accounting packages.

How can Futrli help my cashflow?

Regardless of your business size, age or financial literacy, Futrli offers business intelligence tools that help you manage your cashflow. Futrli provides real time financial information to create relevant and timely KPI reports to let you know how your business is doing right now.

Futrli creates three-way forecasts combining your P&L, balance sheet, and cashflow to help you make business decisions and model how these decisions will impact your business in the short, medium and long term.


Spotlight Reporting is a cloud-based suite of powerful reporting tools so you can find the solution to best meet your particular needs. Your BDO adviser can set up these reports and forecasts to connect with your Xero data (or other accounting packages) and work with you to tailor them to not only make sense to you, but point you towards how to get you the results you want.


Payroll compliance can be one of the most time consuming problems you face when running your business. Many inefficiencies can stem from outdated payroll systems. If you feel that your payroll system needs an upgrade, we are here to help you choose the right system for your business. We specialize in implementing the following systems:

  • Xero payroll 
  • Smart Payroll 
  • Crystal Payroll

If you are looking to setup payroll software, outsource your payroll or require bespoke human resource advisory services, speak to us about how we can help.



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