System Selections

Is your current accounting software right for you? Are you looking for a new ERP or finance system?

There are many reasons to review your accounting software, for example:

  • Your business may have outgrown your current software
  • You may need to replace your server and cloud software could be an option
  • Your current software has reached end of life or is no longer supported

BDO’s IT Advisory team can assist you with the difficult task of looking for a new system or ensuring your current system is used to its maximum potential. We can give you an independent perspective of your business, not only documenting your current requirements but also providing our knowledge and expertise to ensure your processes are best practice and fit with your IT systems.

Our IT Advisory team has expertise in a wide range of accounting and ERP systems and we can investigate software in the market place for a solution best suited to your business.

We discuss with you your business needs, research the options in the market, supply you with an expert report, and assist you in the final software selection.

Whether you are just interested in checking whether your software can cope with a new business development or need some assistance in replacing your software, please contact your local BDO adviser for a chat on how we can help.