Colour Accounting

Colour Accounting Workshops – Learn Essential Financial Skills in Just One Day

In the modern era, where accountability and responsibility is high up on the agenda, providing everyone in your business with a solid grounding in finance will help raise your business’ performance.

Colour Accounting is a world renowned one-day financial training course for non-financial managers. It will give your people all the financial fundamentals in an engaging, easy-to-understand way.

After just one day, your people will leave the workshop being able to: 

  • manage cash flows by understanding all the levers in the business
  • read balance sheets and income statements and understand what they say about the business’s performance
  • manage a Profit & Loss statement
  • improve financial controls
  • draw up a budget
  • expand profit margins
  • save costs
  • gain new insights into your business’s finances
  • communicate more powerfully and avoid confusion
  • align your teams around well understood financial goals
  • increase shareholder return.

We are running the next Colour Accounting workshops in May and June in the following locations. Book now to reserve your place.

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