Get a Grip with Approval Max

For any business or not-for-profit organisation, spending your hard-earned cash is a daily activity and we all know that keeping track of the paperwork around it can quickly become a time-consuming chore, especially when different people need to sign it off. Questions such as, “What are we buying?”, “Why do we need it?”, “Which budget?”, and “Who’s approving it?” are just some of the many you’re probably sick of hearing… After all, you’ve got more important things to do with your time.

While Xero is excellent for creating and approving purchase orders and invoices, it has limitations around internal control processes - that’s where ApprovalMax comes in! ApprovalMax gives you control and uses the power of the cloud to automate your approval workflows. Not only is it secure, it’s perfect for creating robust audit trails without shuffling any paper around.  

Release your back office staff of their administrative burden and empower leaders to make choices on the go with the ApprovalMax phone app! Authority can be delegated over departments, suppliers and spending limits imposed as per your defined parameters, including multiple signatories. ApprovalMax can also detect if something has bypassed its processes and let the relevant people know.  

As ApprovalMax is a stand-alone system, all of this can be achieved without anyone needing to alter existing Xero settings. To expand your cloud ecosystem and implement an approvals process that is right for you, contact your local BDO adviser.