• Sustainability


At BDO Invercargill, we aim to inspire, educate, and lead an unstoppable movement for sustainable and regenerative business practice. We know that risk management is a driver for change, the future is changing, and the future is now. We are embracing sustainable practice through the adoption of the ESG model, which is integral to maintaining and creating sustainable organisational value and impact.


We are committed to minimising our environmental impacts and playing our part in addressing the challenges our planet is facing. That is why we are actively integrating environmental considerations into our work practices, through the effective use of innovative environmental technologies and practices

  • We have embraced digitisation and cloud-based systems.
  • We offer electronic signature capability (DocuSign).
  • We minimise solid waste through reducing, reusing, and recycling.
  • We engage with suppliers who offer environmental best practice.

We are proud to be a part of a BDO firm wide sustainability network, which promises to continuously looks for ways to become a more environmentally friendly business.


At BDO Invercargill, we are in the business of relationships. Our commitment to building long-lasting, genuine, and meaningful relationships applies as much to our clients as it does to our team and our community. We pride ourselves on our people-first culture, which we are committed to creating across the board.

  • We are proactive in our approach to health and wellbeing, through the use of flexi time remote working.
  • We enjoy regular social gathering and activities, which all members of our team participate in together.
  • We proudly promote maintaining balance in wellbeing, through our Big Day Out training, and involvement in national initiatives such as Mental Health Awareness Week, Gumboot Friday, and many others.
  • Training people is at the heart of what we do. Our team is able to access internal and BDO national programmes, to support them with their continued growth and knowledge.
  • Our professionals participate in local boards, and are involved in numerous sporting, cultural and charitable initiatives. We pride ourselves on our commitment to supporting local businesses, the community, and our people. Find out more about how we support the areas that we love and spend time in here.
  • Our people-first culture means we are fully committed to providing an inclusive environment where diverse backgrounds and characteristics are valued. We embrace diversity, and the wide range of perspectives and world views is key to our workplace creativity, innovation, and making BDO Invercargill a better place to work, and makes us better at what we do.


We have developed a strategy which ensures our sustainable practices are being undertaken both office-wide, and throughout our network of suppliers:

  • Our why is “People helping people to achieve their dreams every day”, both with our clients and our team. We support our team in achieving their dreams, so that they can help you achieve yours.
  • Our policies and procedures promote a positive impact to all aspects of sustainability covering environmental, social and governance areas.
  • We adhere to ethical behaviour in all of our business practices.
  • We have oversight of risk and opportunities. This includes our ability to embrace technology, monitor government regulatory changes and address social risks such as diversity and inclusion, talent, and other workforce considerations.
  • Our inclusive policies for employees promote diversity.
  • BDO Invercargill is dedicated to promoting a poverty free future. That’s why we ensure all staff earn the living wage and above.