• Leading through innovation

Leading through innovation

In today’s ever complex world, wherever you’re at in your business journey, you need business consultants who understand your needs.

Juggling the complexities of business can be overwhelming with balancing competing priorities for your time and resources, including your finances. You have created something you are passionate about, but sometimes feel there is no one easily available to act as a trusted sounding board.

Whether you are starting out, or looking to see where you can go next, our business consultants can help you thrive.


Unlocking your business’ limitless growth possibilities with BDODrive

Our advisers are here for you, whatever stage you’re at in your business. With BDODrive, you’ll have access to a unique combination of information, insights, and intelligence to help your business grow.

BDODrive services include:

  • BDO Diamond Model of Business Growth
  • Business financial forecasting
  • Data analytics and dashboards
  • Business planning and review


Virtual CFO services – The right resources at the right time

  • Transactional processing assistance with AP, AR, Payroll
    Is data entry and processing keeping you away from dealing with your business’ real issues? Or are you spending more time away from the family to keep on top of your accounts?

    Our team of skilled financial accounting staff can relieve the pressure and ensure your staff get paid, customers receive their invoices in a timely manner and supplier bills get processed.

    We provide a tailored service for your business, using the services that you need.
  • Management reporting encompassing three-way forecasting, strategic planning facilitation
    The numbers swimming in front of your eyes, the bank chasing for information, or do you just need some advice of what steps to take next?

    Our Partners and senior advisory staff can provide face-to-face (or virtual call) assistance to take you through the story behind your numbers. When it’s time to plan for the year ahead, review the results to date or set the tone and plans for the future, we have the tools and experience to help.
  • Governance support
    Congratulations, you’ve grown to a size where you have a board of directors or managers that meet on a regular basis to keep things running smoothly, but you’re not yet at a size where you can afford to employ a CFO full time.

    Let us step in to provide you with the governance experience and guidance you need to keep your business on that growth track. From attending board meetings to financial analysis, to running projects and providing that commercial and industry knowledge you need to succeed, we’re there for you.
  • Mix and match
    Feel that you’re doing some things well, but need assistance with others? Let us tailor a service that works for you and your business.

Sourcing a Virtual CFO ensures continuity and surety around service, no employment hassles, and most importantly, a Virtual CFO has access to a wide range of material and resources that most businesses do not have on hand. Any business or organisation can benefit from Virtual CFO services. To find out more contact the team at BDO Invercargill.

 “We utilise the full scale vCFO relationship, from transactional processing through to monthly management accounting and business development discussions. This relationship has allowed a company of our size to routinely access a team of extremely talented specialists throughout the monthly cycle. This ensures that we’re focusing on our business and servicing our customers, rather than on continuous admin and problem resolution.”
- Wayne Harpur, Managing Director of B L Rayner (2019) Ltd T/A Rayners, a HVAC company