Directors' Breakfast: Examining the implications of a ‘Wellbeing’ Budget

16 January 2020

“Improving the wellbeing of current and future New Zealanders will be the focus of Budget 2019”, is how Finance Minister Grant Robertson describes this year’s impending Budget announcement.

How do the government’s priorities on wellbeing support building an economy that improves productivity, is more sustainable and more inclusive? Despite the decision by the Government just recently to rule out any new Capital Gains Tax what other aspects of the tax system might we expect to see that targets equality? How will issues in the housing market be alleviated?

The discussion was led by Robin Oliver, world-renowned expert on tax economics and policy, and member of the Government’s Tax Working Group; and Jarrod Kerr, Kiwibank’s Chief Economist. See below a video where they share insights and the impact of the wellbeing budget for directors.