Congratulations to BDO cyclist Jorja Swain

10 December 2019

BDO Northland sponsored cyclist Jorja Swain takes third place in the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge’s Elite Women’s Classic 100km race.

We caught up with Jorja just after she crossed the finish line. Coming in just one millisecond after first place and taking first place in the notorious hill climb, this was a phenomenal result. As she says, after riding seriously for just two years, today’s win is the biggest result of her career so far.

We look forward to continuing to support this promising young cyclist on her cycling journey.



I'm sort of a lone rider. I'm not really in a team so I was trying to be a bit more tactical about it and not do too much work and blowing myself up on the front.

When everyone else has like multiple people to work together. There was such a big bunch and we were cruising along and then someone would attack and then it would be cruisey again and so it was really surgey.

BDO Northland they are amazing. They've been sponsoring me for almost two years now pretty much since I started cycling.

My boyfriend Kurt he was doing cycling. I was more of a runner, and then he kind of convinced me to give it a go and yeah and I did and I love it.

It's the biggest result of my career so far.”