Cashflow Planning Webinar

17 September 2020

Cash is the life blood of any business; without cash your business cannot survive.  What may appear to be a very profitable business could actually fail due to poor cashflow.  The fact that a business is making a profit on paper, and yet is cash tight, is precisely why every business owner needs to understand their cashflow drivers and what exactly is their cash conversion cycle.  Within this video, BDO Partners Billie Stanley and Lisa Townshend will take you through the different elements to consider when creating a Cash Flow Plan while also addressing the seven key causes of poor cashflow. 

This session will cover:

  • The difference between Profit and Cash and ensuring you have a sound understanding of the role each of these plays within your business.
  • The Working Capital Cycle – What is this?  How does this influence my cash and profit figures?
  • The Cash Conversion Cycle – Again, what is this? How do I shorten mine to release more cash?
  • Planning for Improvement – getting the best out of your Cashflow Forecast
  • The seven key causes of poor cashflow
  • Next steps and options for support

At BDO, we understand that monitoring your cash in the current business landscape is king and having a cashflow forecast in place isn’t enough to bring about change on it’s own.  Within this session, we will look to provide insight into how to best utilise your cashflow forecast, possible process changes you could undertake to improve your cashflow and change the way your cash circulates.  To take control of your business’s cash cycle, contact Billie or Lisa to reap the benefits of what a thorough cash flow plan can do for you and your business.

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