09 June 2016

Digital disruption is the best thing that ever happened to the world of accounting… and to the businesses that we serve.

From the get go, BDO has recognised the power of digital to enhance and transform business. We’ve brought the efficiencies of world-leading Xero cloud accounting software to our clients.  This has transformed more relationships from a discrete client and adviser into interactive and collaborative expert business partnerships.

And, it just keeps getting better. Xero, being open-sourced cloud-based technology, has opened up an entire ecosystem of complementary software or “add-ons”. We now have tools to manage debtors, automate entry of bills, monitor stock levels, sync transactions from online marketplace websites, provide automated KPI reporting and forecasting tools, and many more.

A digital platform enhances the way BDO provides tailored advisory services to our clients.  Conducting business reviews, using diagnostic tools to confirm business alignment (or otherwise) and developing action lists, utilises current and forward looking financial information.  This is critical to ensure decisions aren’t being made on aged and less relevant data.

While the wider accounting industry has awakened to digital, BDO has always been centre-stage with the cream of NZ privately owned businesses.  This experience tells us that clients do not want just another new tech solution.  Success with BDO is a result of pro-active advice and delivering outcomes which are achieved by working collectively and being available when our clients need us.  This is where BDODrive comes from – defining the relationship with our clients.

BDODrive offers that same exceptional client service, the same relationships delivered by the same expert partners with decades of experience - providing solutions for our clients in real-time, when they need them.

BDODrive is not about selling software nor is it about commoditising our service, it is about using technology to provide an even better level of service and experience for our clients.

You can use us when you need us most to help solve your business problems.

In our upcoming editions, we will be sharing some BDODrive case studies.  These will outline the success of this approach and highlight the calibre of our people.  Proof that BDO is leading the way with an innovative approach to best serve our market that we have always built our capability around.

To learn how we can help your business reach its full potential, simply contact your local BDO adviser.