BDO Know How April 2016 Cloud-time – join the revolution

27 April 2016

The cloud is one of the most popular buzzwords being used in business circles but many people do not fully understand what the cloud is and how it can be used to help your business grow. 

 The cloud is a term used to describe a network of computers to store and process information, rather than a single machine. In general terms this means that we are able to store data in a server off-site and access it through multiple devices. 
Although the cloud seems to be a recent innovation in fact the concept of cloud computing has been applied since the 1960s by large corporations who have the infrastructure to sustain a network. Google and Microsoft entered the cloud service market in 2008 but they have only recently been able to utilise the expediential increase in technology to push their competitive cloud based service which has led to popularisation of the cloud.
The benefits of moving a business database to the cloud are most prominent with small to medium size businesses. Continual disaster recovery back-ups, flexibility of storage space, low start up and hardware cost in conjunction with increased collaboration between users that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection make switching to a cloud based platform a no brainer. 
If you’re not ready to fully integrate your business to the cloud, you can still utilise some of the great cloud based services provided by Xero, Dropbox and MYOB online to enhance your business. Explore the cloud as it could be the tool your company needs to propel itself into the 21st Century.