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12 May 2020

During this webinar we discuss the following topics, in relation to businesses in distress and insolvency: • Business turnaround options • Implications of trading while insolvent • Proposed changes to insolvency law amidst Covid19 • Business Debt Hibernation regime • New tax support for business ...

05 May 2020

Colour Accounting, the highly successful accounting training programme for non-financial managers. Watch our 50 minute recorded introductory webinar presented by accredited facilitator Justin Martin to gain a better understanding of the basics of accounting using a fun and colourful proven...

01 May 2020

The Bill introducing the ability for taxpayers to carry back tax losses has flown through its second reading and we expect ratification into formal legislation imminently.

01 May 2020

Knowing you can still run your business finances in the cloud, with Xero continuing to hum along in the background is a relief during lockdown.However, processes surrounding Xero that are time-consuming, difficult or near on impossible whilst working remotely.We outline the pain-points of Xero...

29 April 2020

The impact that Coronavirus has on financial reporting, IFRS 16 leases and so much more. Read the latest in April's Accounting Alert.

24 April 2020

In order to navigate through this area of lease accounting, this Cheat Sheet is broken down into the following sections:“Business combinations” and acquiring leasesWhat are the key accounting areas to address with leases acquired in a business combination?What are the practical consequences of...

23 April 2020

 We provide a brief recap on the many recent tax changes announced as a result of COVID–19. Aside from the critically important assistance packages such as the wage subsidy, and bank finance guarantee schemes, from a tax perspective the big ticket items are:1. The proposed relief from late...

23 April 2020

Audits help businesses identify their biggest weaknesses and capitalise on their biggest strengths. Learn more about the most common internal audits here. 

22 April 2020

The 2020 financial year has been a strong and profitable year for most.  2021 will be very different due to the ongoing impacts of Covid-19. Read more about some suggested solutions to overcome these challenges. 

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