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20 September 2019

A fantastic way to kick off the day as we explored how Directors and senior executives can further understand and positively influence public benefit entities and their role in the community.Rob Waddell, founder of Waddell+Associates; Margi Mellsop, Engagement Director at The Fred Hollows...

18 September 2019

A short walk in any direction from the centre of town shows that Tauranga is undergoing something of a construction boom.  As these projects near completion it seems an appropriate time to think about how these significant new assets should be recorded in the books.There are some real...

17 September 2019

For year ends 31 December 2019 and onwards, the long awaited new accounting standard for leases (NZ IFRS 16) comes into effect.

17 September 2019

While most businesses have things that can be discreetly measured there are many intangibles too, from copyright and intellectual property to brands and patents, and many other business assets that can add to a company's value.

22 August 2019

Innovation has been top of mind for many businesses recently. Holiday parks in particular need to be aware of what innovation means to their industry. Read more. 

20 August 2019

BDO's recent Maori Business survey showed interesting new trends for the Maori economy. Read more. 

16 August 2019

There is no question that starting up a business is a bold move. BDO Rotorua Advisory partner, Stephen Graham, shares his top hints for setting up a small business. Read more. 

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