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09 June 2020

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the New Zealand and global economies has been severe and has led to significant changes in demand across a number of sectors. It is likely that all businesses will be impacted in some way and studies from the last recession suggest that companies that are...

08 June 2020

As you may now be aware, the deadline for the current Wage Subsidy Scheme is tomorrow (Tuesday 9th June), with the Wage Subsidy Extension Scheme becoming available on Wednesday 10th June.To help illustrate how the Wage Subsidy Schemes may apply to your organisation, we have put together a case...

08 June 2020

We are #BDOproud of our clients for helping the local community during COVID-19. Read the inspirational client stories.

02 June 2020

Xero’s cloud-based accounting solution provides businesses with valuable real-time information.  BDO’s Xero Masterclasses will help you maximise its potential

02 June 2020

For those entities that allocate a portion of overheads to the cost of manufactured inventories, the new lease standard (NZ IFRS 16) will change the nature and quantum of several of these overheads for 2020 year ends. This Cheat Sheet highlights this issue, where the change is and why it arrises,...

02 June 2020

We answer all of your burning questions on Wage Subsidy in relation to COVID-19

27 May 2020

Financial literacy is essential to ensuring long term business success. Discover the four critical components of understanding your business finances here.

22 May 2020

You may have read an article that appeared in the media this week that suggested tax refunds and subsidies were available for reimbursing employees for their home office costs. This article may have caused some confusion. Our update seeks to clarify what employees may be entitled to (at the...

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