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25 March 2019

BDO graduates took to their tools for a build a bike challenge. These bikes were donated to a wonderful children’s charity. BDO is proud to get young kids started on their cycling journey.

19 March 2019

In today’s fast moving retail space, having a good understanding of key financial metrics will help you drive performance in your business.  In this article we focus on four financial ratios every retailer should be monitoring at least monthly, and what they mean.

28 February 2019

BDO Invercargill is delighted to announce the appointment of Aaron Higham as Partner in its Audit team. 

26 February 2019

2019 sees the start of the roll-out of the new Leases accounting standard (NZ IFRS 16) for for-profit entities that apply NZ IFRS and NZ IFRS (RDR) (“NZ GAAP”). 

22 February 2019

With the tax year-end fast approaching for most taxpayers, there are a number of steps (see below) that you can take prior to balance date to help you maximise any tax opportunities that you are entitled to.  

22 February 2019

"Bricks & mortar" retailers will always be here - but need to up their game, says expert.

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