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21 January 2019

With farming in New Zealand changing so rapidly, it's key to know how to safeguard your agribusiness. Fortunately BDO has the solution. Farming has always been a cornerstone of New Zealand's economy.We're the world's 12th largest agricultural exporter (by value), with dairy alone accounting for...

21 January 2019

Find a point of difference. That's the overarching message all retailers are hearing as they try to adjust to an industry in constant transformation. Changing customer expectations, new technology and alternative sales channels are all leaving their mark on the sector, and in many cases are...

21 January 2019

New Zealand's retail sector is currently in a state of cautious optimism.Slowly, very slowly, sales figures are beginning to improve. The total value of retail sales rose 0.6 per cent between the June and September 2018 quarters (seasonally adjusted).However, this state of cautious optimism among...

26 November 2018

One of the best ways a Not-for-Profit can improve its operations is by learning from others in the field. When it comes to the new government legislation that requires all New Zealand's charities to report on impact, there are many things NFPs can learn from other charities that have already...

26 November 2018

New government legislation has been announced, making it mandatory for all of New Zealand's Not-for-Profits to report on their impact as well as the more standard financial requirements. One organisation that has had a focus on impact since its beginnings is Jasmine Social Investments. A...

26 November 2018

From 2021, all of New Zealand's registered charities will be required by law to report on their impact. As charities perform a huge range of different activities, it follows that no single framework or methodology will necessarily work for all Not-for-Profits. That's why it's useful for NFPs that...

17 October 2018

Where is your business going? How will you get there? Who's going to help? These might seem like basic strategy questions, but when you really consider them, you might find the answers don't come to mind as easily as you'd have hoped.BDO understands the importance of getting these questions right...

21 September 2018

If data is the buzzword of the 21st century, business intelligence (as the platform that supports the data revolution) is a close second. Businesses often gather data in unusable forms - it simply sits in IT departments, untouched. However, for companies wanting to grow and improve, having...

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