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17 October 2018

Where is your business going? How will you get there? Who's going to help? These might seem like basic strategy questions, but when you really consider them, you might find the answers don't come to mind as easily as you'd have hoped.BDO understands the importance of getting these questions right...

21 September 2018

If data is the buzzword of the 21st century, business intelligence (as the platform that supports the data revolution) is a close second. Businesses often gather data in unusable forms - it simply sits in IT departments, untouched. However, for companies wanting to grow and improve, having...

18 September 2018

Great - you have decided it is time to take your NZ business to the cloud! Before taking the leap, it is important to assess the systems and processes you already have in place, as well as a number of other factors, to make your migration to cloud as successful as possible. For NZ businesses...

12 September 2018

In today's climate of digital disruption, you don't want to get left behind. And one of the easiest ways to ensure this doesn't happen to your New Zealand business is by moving to the cloud. Already, one third of New Zealand's small businesses are using cloud accounting platform Xero, but many...

10 September 2018

So you've embarked on an expansion plan for your business - but can your IT systems grow with it? All too often, organisations consider growth plans in terms of new marketing strategies and altered financial or inventory forecasts, but they forget that their technology still need to support all...

04 September 2018

Now is a great time for organisations to sit back and assess what the training calendar for their finance teams looks like, and whether there are gaps to be filled. Find out how BDO can help you

30 August 2018

It is no secret that for for-profit entities there a three new, significant, accounting standards that are now effective (or will be very shortly) - accounting firms, including BDO, have issued a multitude of publications and public commentary in recent years.The new revenue and financial...

30 August 2018

Chances are you would have heard the term “decluttering” thrown around in the same sentence as “financial statements” and wondered what it is all about. Find out what the decluttering process involves 

26 July 2018

2018 sees the start of the roll-out of three new accounting standards relating to revenue, financial instruments, and leases. If you're not sure what these are, when they apply from, and whether these (could) apply to you, check out the latest "Cheat Sheet" from BDO's Accounting Advisory Services.

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