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09 July 2020

Business owners & shareholders must be proactive & smart to guide their businesses back to prosperity. Learn how to chart your course to business recovery.

08 July 2020

The Māori Trustee (Te Tumu Paeroa) has established the Top-Up Māori Small Business Cashflow Loan Scheme to assist  Māori SME’s with the payment of core operating costs.For  Māori SME’s that have received the Government Small Business Cashflow Loan, they will now be able to apply for a further 50%...

03 July 2020

Unfortunately, not every business in NZ survives, but insolvency and liquidation aren’t challenges you have to face alone. Here’s how you can survive.

03 July 2020

The success of a business is largely determined by your customers, so it is important to keep them happy and coming back.  Understanding and most importantly monitoring the impact a business has on their customers can have an overwhelming effect on the success of a business and how fast it grows....

02 July 2020

The Government has recently announced additional financial support is to be made available to employers of apprentices through the Apprenticeship Support Programme, from August 2020. One of the new initiatives is called Apprenticeship Boost, which will provide cash assistance to employers of up...

01 July 2020

In a lot of businesses systems tend to be paper based, not secure, some systems are missing, the systems are only structured around operations and administration, they are not linked to position descriptions, and without an effective search engine.  But the biggest problem of all is that they are...

30 June 2020

Potential effects of the Coronavirus outbreak on 31 December 2019 year end financial reporting and 2020 reporting periods onwards. 

29 June 2020

One of the most pertinent lessons for small business owners is that you can’t afford to let your clients use you as their bank because your bank may not be as supportive as they once were. Not that getting a loan has ever been easy, but it suddenly got tougher a couple of years ago and it is...

26 June 2020

In the wake of a pandemic, saving time where you can and optimising your business is crucial. Cloud-based accounting can help to get you there. Learn more here.

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