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11 October 2018

Building Contingency - getting it right with financial reserves

03 October 2018

BDO New Zealand is pleased to announce the winner of the second BDODrive Business Boost Competition! After receiving a large number of entries from a huge variety of businesses, our expert judging panel chose Findatruckload. Findatruckload connects freight owners and transport companies to make...

24 September 2018

It’s difficult to disagree with the notion that a tax system, amongst other things, should be fair.  This is part of the remit of the Tax Working Group and a renewed call from Ministers to focus on inequity of the tax system. Read more...

21 September 2018

NZ companies switching their business to the cloud are often missing the point. Some New Zealand companies adopting the cloud are not using it to its richest potential.

04 September 2018

You don’t have to be a large multi-national corporation to face a complexities in your day-to-day accounting treatments.In fact, our experience is that small and medium sized entities (SMEs) are just as likely (and in some case, more likely) to enter into transactions and arrangements that give...

03 September 2018

A group of eighty business leaders who met last night at an event hosted by BDO Christchurch were challenged to do exactly that by innovation and strategy expert Professor Ian Williamson from Victoria University of Wellington. His thought-provoking and inspiring presentation challenged leaders to...

01 September 2018

The September edition of Accounting Alert features three main articles. Firstly, judgement needed to identify performance obligations under IFRS 15. Secondly, even minor amendments to leases under IFRS 16 create significant work for lessees. Finally, Convertible notes - Are you accounting for...

29 August 2018

The R&D Tax Credit is coming, again…and, on balance, it’s got to be good news. We expect further evolution as to where we will ultimately land legislatively, but click here to see some of our latest key observations on the proposed framework.

24 August 2018

Borrowing against property to keep a business running is dangerous - and too common, expert says.Many of the companies producing about a third of New Zealand's GDP are sitting on a debt and cash flow precipice, according to insolvency experts.Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) are productive...

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