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08 July 2020

The Māori Trustee (Te Tumu Paeroa) has established the Top-Up Māori Small Business Cashflow Loan Scheme to assist  Māori SME’s with the payment of core operating costs.For  Māori SME’s that have received the Government Small Business Cashflow Loan, they will now be able to apply for a further 50%...

02 July 2020

The Government has recently announced additional financial support is to be made available to employers of apprentices through the Apprenticeship Support Programme, from August 2020. One of the new initiatives is called Apprenticeship Boost, which will provide cash assistance to employers of up...

19 June 2020

Jenna’s Jackets Ltd is a clothing retailer. During Lockdown they were deemed to be non-essential and were unable to open. Jenna’s Jackets Ltd were not setup to offer online sales so they did not earn any revenue during that time. The Company employs three part time and four full time staff. Read...

16 June 2020

New Zealand’s commercial real estate has been a seller’s market for years, but has it been affected by COVID-19 & the Level 4 lockdown? Learn more from BDO.

08 June 2020

As you may now be aware, the deadline for the current Wage Subsidy Scheme is tomorrow (Tuesday 9th June), with the Wage Subsidy Extension Scheme becoming available on Wednesday 10th June.To help illustrate how the Wage Subsidy Schemes may apply to your organisation, we have put together a case...

20 May 2020

The sports & recreation sector has been tackled hard by COVID-19 and in response, the Government announced a $265m recovery package on Sunday 17th May. Over the next four years the Government has indicated that it will invest in three areas. Read more.   

15 May 2020

Charities operate in a vast range of areas and have unique revenue streams, but are fundamentally businesses. Learn COVID-19’s impact on the charitable sector. 

01 May 2020

The Bill introducing the ability for taxpayers to carry back tax losses has flown through its second reading and we expect ratification into formal legislation imminently.

22 April 2020

The 2020 financial year has been a strong and profitable year for most.  2021 will be very different due to the ongoing impacts of Covid-19. Read more about some suggested solutions to overcome these challenges. 

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