• Leisure

Leisure Business Advisory


The leisure industry in New Zealand has really taken off in recent years, with health trends and gymnasiums springing up all over the country. Our Partners have been here throughout these changes, and have helped our clients take full advantage of new trends such as yoga, pilates and personal training. We've worked with a wide range of:

  • Casinos
  • Gyms
  • Activity groups
  • Not-for-profits

So no matter what sort of business you have, we'll help to ensure you're meeting you compliance, advisory and taxation needs. We also have specialist data gathering services, so that you can see where the next trend will be and start moving into the space before your competition gets there. Our forensics offering ensures that, if you're experiencing cost overruns or other financial issues, we'll be able to find out exactly what's gone wrong and help the parties involved to work out a solution.

Leisure and tourism have always been linked and this will continue in the future. Our advisers in each industry work closely together so you'll have the benefit of experts in tourism to help you work out where to move in the leisure space.