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Sports, tourism and leisure are constantly changing. They represent three of New Zealand's fastest growing industries and, while this presents exciting opportunities, it also creates new challenges. It helps, therefore, to have someone on hand who can help you navigate this transforming landscape. BDO New Zealand offers a range of specialist business advisory services to help you make the most out of what sports, tourism and leisure have to offer.

Our Partners will help your business to succeed by providing specialist advice, supported by our global network and local expertise. We'll assist you with a range of issues within compliance, risk management and strategy. Our network of firms is spread up and down the country. This means more often than not we've got people on the ground no matter where your club or organisation might be, and it also means we have access to a range of data and expertise from across New Zealand. This, combined with the many years our Partners have worked in the industry, gives us a level of insight not available from other firms.

New Zealand is now a household name - our international sporting teams continue to punch above their weight, and the New Zealand brand is reaching more countries than ever. Growing businesses need all the help they can get, and BDO are here to provide it with our expert advice and support. Some of our clients have been with us for over 20 years. We relish these long term relationships and want to build these as much as possible. Together, we'll help New Zealand businesses compete with the best in the world.

What sets BDO's business advisory services apart?

We've got all the advantages of a big firm - global links, nationwide coverage and a wide spectrum of service offerings, while also keeping the personal involvement of a passionate, local business. We always ensure we spend time getting to know our clients, in order to give them the best advice possible.

Our Partners live and breathe sports, tourism and leisure. We're all genuine fans, and we spend as much time as possible getting involved in what our clients do. We're there on the ground, connecting with our clients on a daily basis in order to build ongoing, genuine relationships with them.

We have 19 offices up and down the country, so we can provide insights that other firms can't. We're constantly talking to each other, so no matter whether you're in Cape Reinga, Bluff or anywhere in between, we'll be able to give you a genuine understanding of the issues that are facing sports, tourism and leisure nationwide. Our involvement in local communities means we'll also know exactly what's going on in the specific area of New Zealand that you're operating in.

Specialist business advisory services

BDO New Zealand offers specialist business advisory services in sports, tourism and leisure. Each of our service offerings is tailored to these industries, so no matter what the issue you have is, we'll be able to provide you with unique advice. It doesn't matter where you are in the country, we've got someone there to help. If you're interested in using our sports, tourism and leisure business advisory services.




Do you feel like you and your business partners are not as aligned as you could be?

BDO has developed the Business Review Program to highlight the areas of strength and weakness in your business and help you address these misalignments in order to move forward in a positive and strategic way.  

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