• Learning, development and benefits

We're committed to making great career and development opportunities happen

We want to get to know you – and take the time to learn about what matters to you and we make it our business to back you to realise your goals.

We focus on backing potential and setting you up to succeed- that is why you have a buddy on-hand from your very first day to support and mentor you while you settle into your new role. You'll have access to a whole host of learning to ensure that you are developing in line with your individual needs and are able to effectively manage the transition into professional life. Our regular technical and personal learning and development sessions and workshops will equip you with the skills and knowledge to accelerate your career.  

We provide a great range of assistance for our graduates including*:

  • Payment of approved professional qualifications
  • International secondments
  • Paid study leave
  • Mentoring
  • External study support programmes
  • Payment of professional membership fees
  • Wellness programmes
  • Community events
  • Birthday leave
  • Community leave
  • Flexible working environment
  • Partner-funded social club
  • Dress for your day
*Specific benefits will vary depending on what's offered by your BDO office. 

Buddy Programme

Our culture is collaborative; you’re a name not a number, so we recognise that when you start a new role it can be daunting. Your buddy will support you initially and throughout your time with us. They’ll make sure you are fully informed and never feel afraid or unsure as to who to direct any questions that arise.  You’ll experience an open-door culture where you are encouraged to ask questions, learn, develop and where your contribution is valued. 

Chartered Accounting

Are you wanting to qualify as a Chartered Accountant within the next few years? Then it’s good to know that we are the 3rd biggest CA employer in New Zealand.

When you’re ready to commence your postgraduate qualification and begin your journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant, we will support your CA program pathway and studies to achieve this.


International Secondment

We are inextricably connected throughout the world. 167 countries, 88,000+ people, 1,617 offices connected by a common cause; to provide clients with exceptional service. 

If you’re keen on expanding your skills and expertise on the international stage, we have theatres for you to perform.  

Our secondment programs also provide you with the opportunity to expand your horizons and experience new cultures while gaining great experience working in a new and exciting environment. 



"I chose to work at BDO as I felt it would be more 'hands-on' in terms of the audit in the sense that I would be completing a larger number of sections and be more in touch with our clients and partners than the larger accounting firms."


"Obviously, what is also great is that BDO supports your CA completion and will pay for this along the way to help further your own personal development." 


"I chose to work at BDO as I knew I would be exposed to a large variety of clients, with more diversity and freedom of choice." 


"Community days are great because they provide the same level of bonding while also volunteering for a good cause." 


With us, you don't have to wait an unnecessary amount of time before we encourage you to start cultivating client relationships. As a new team member, you’ll be involved early on in the client process and be given the opportunity to work closely with clients to add real value.

You’ll receive help and support from your Partners and team every step of the way. 



On top of your competitive starting salary, we offer lots of extra benefits.

Things such as paid study leave, Payment of approved professional qualifications, extra study support programmes, birthday leave, international secondments, wellness programmes, community events, and much more.



If you’re keen on expanding your skills and expertise on the international stage, we have theatres for you to perform

We’re are inextricably connected throughout the world. 167 countries, 90,000+ people, 1,658 offices. 




Backing the communities we work in, wherever it is needed, is an important part of doing business at BDO.

Many offices around New Zealand give their staff an additional day of paid leave to contribute to a local community cause that's important to them. You’ll also find offices sponsoring many local initiatives and community activities.