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We understand applying for a grad role can be a daunting experience and can raise lots of questions. We have answered some of these questions to help you stay informed through the journey. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with the team by emailing us on graduate@bdo.co.nz


What does it take to become a BDO graduate?


BDO are looking for well-rounded graduates with appropriate degrees related to their chosen career path. Graduates should be driven and well-motivated but also work well in a team.  In today's world of work being flexible and able to adapt to change is important.

We are looking for graduates who are more than just accounting machines.


Why should I join a CA firm vs a commercial role as a graduate? 


This is a widely debated question to which there is no right or wrong answer. Joining a CA firm provides a great grounding for your learning and development as you will have exposure to a range of client's systems and learn industry best practice. Professional services have extensive expertise, providing a great opportunity for mentoring. 


What’s the difference between BDO and the bigger professional CA firms? 


Where do we begin? From the research we have done, there are lots of reasons BDO is different.

Some of the key things that we have been told is that our culture is more relaxed and informal, its collaborative and it has an open-door policy. You get earlier access to clients and more exposure to working closely with Partners. The work-life balance at BDO is better.

BDO services a different portfolio of clients with a different value proposition. We largely target mid-market NZ businesses which provides a great opportunity to build and foster strong relationships with our clients and truly get to know the people you work with. We think we have the best of both worlds with a global presence, reputable clients and a strong network of support for learning and development. We foster rich relationships internally and externally and essentially, we’re much more than an Accounting Machine.

How many graduates do BDO employ each year?


The number of roles varies for each service line and location. The largest number of graduate positions are within our Audit team. 


I see there are 15 offices across New Zealand. Can I specify my preferred location? 


Yes, you can specify your preferred location. In Auckland we have offices in East Tamaki, Auckland CBD and Takapuna. Overall, we have 15 offices Nationwide. Our main graduate roles are recruited in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.  

How do I decide the best service line for me? 


Have a look at our service lines and speak to our former graduates at our events/career fairs to gain an insight into the different area.

If you are apply for a role in Auckland, then at the beginning of our graduate recruitment process you won’t need to make a decision on which service line to apply for. You will get plenty of opportunity through the process to get a good overview of the different service lines to make a decision that is right for you.


How will I know where I am at in the application process? 


We understand silence is really unsettling when you are making a decision around your future and what this may hold. You will hear from us at each step of the way, usually via email at the beginning of the process, so be sure to keep an eye on your emails so you don't miss anything from us. We may also contact you via text messaging or phone.


How will a graduate role at BDO benefit me? 


A BDO career takes many shapes and forms. Whether you are looking to gain your CA qualification and head overseas to gain some global experience, have goals and aspirations to become a Partner, or are looking to go into a commercial role, a career with BDO will equip you with transferable skills through our various learning and development pathways. 

Have a look at our page on learning and development

I see that I have a Buddy, what does this mean? 


Everyone has a buddy from day one. Your buddy will support you in your first few months and throughout your career at BDO. The purpose of a Buddy is to ensure you "know what you don't know". We know this sounds cliché however there is only so much information that will resonate and your buddy is available to answer any questions that arise. 
"From your first day, your buddy will show you the ropes and be your go-to with any questions you may have."


I still have 12 months of study remaining. Am I eligible to apply now? 


Absolutely! The best time to apply is as soon as the enrolments open, as BDO start interviewing straight away and there are limited places.

Do you only hire people with the highest grades? 


Grades aren't everything during the application process, but it is good to have an expected level of the fundamentals of accounting. Being a well-rounded individual is something that BDO values – remember, we are more than an accounting machine.


If I am not currently living in an area that I would like to work, can I still apply?


Yes, we accept applications if you are not living in this area. Interviews will take place over skype/phone. Travel may be required for the application process, however BDO would cover the expense of this travel. If you are in the area, BDO will be happy to provide an office tour at a later date. 


What if I have an offer from another organisation, while I’m still in the process with BDO?


If you do get an offer from another organisation, while you are still in the process with BDO, talk to us! We can help you navigate the situation, which can sometimes be tricky. We believe it is important that you get the opportunity to fully evaluate your options at this important stage of your career.

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