• Giving News

    Summer Edition

BDO Partners Give Back

Every year BDO partners give 6,000 hours of volunteer time to their local community. Across our network, our partners undertake a wide range of volunteer activities ranging from sitting on boards, performing pro-bono accounting services to washing dirty uniforms and helping out in the kitchen. 



Partners volunteer across the whole Not-For-Profit sector, including sport and recreation, religious activities, arts and culture, health, education, farming and rural support, social services and business mentoring.

Angela Edwards’ (BDO Kerikeri’s audit partner) schedule is typical of many BDO partners across the network:

How much time do you spend each month in the community?

During the winter months I might spend close to 40 hours per month, as this is rugby league season.

What sort of volunteer work do you do?

I’m the treasurer for Taitokerau and Kaikohe Rugby League clubs, but my duties include washing uniforms, cooking for home games, finding sponsors and ordering supporters gear. I’m also the treasurer for Kaikohe & Districts Sportsville, a community working group. I’m involved with Kaikohe Rugby Club and do a lot of fundraising events. I even help run the Kaihoke Christmas parade!

What are some of the highlights of your volunteer work?

Hosting the Vodafone Warriors for a few days at the end of last year was awesome. We had Mils Muiliana and Eric Rush speak at Kaikohe Rugby Club which was a great event. 



All this underscores BDO’s commitment to the not for profit sector, not only through its extensive commercial relationships, but also at a grassroots level. BDO’s volunteer contributions to the community makes BDO the Not-For-Profit experts.