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BDO Gisborne’s core purpose is to help people achieve their dreams. That doesn’t just mean our clients, we strive to help our staff grow as professionals, while meeting their commitments to their families, their communities and to themselves.

BDO Grow

In alignment with BDO’s strategic plan of being growth-focused, future-focused and identifying and developing talent, BDO Gisborne introduced BDO Grow in February 2019. Within this programme, selected staff were given the opportunity to develop their advisory skills and competence in a safe learning space.

BDO Lead

BDO Lead is a leadership programme targeted at BDO Gisborne line managers (workflow managers). The programme utilises the most contemporary material and is matched to internal staff feedback received from BDO-U. The focus areas included transitions, giving feedback, mindsets, emotional intelligence, managing conflict and managing stress.


BDO-U encourages honest two-way conversations between managers and staff, offering performance feedback and the opportunity to discuss and plan ahead a mutually agreeable course of action for the coming year.   

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