• Rethink webinar series

Episode 12: RETHINK Your Business Risks

Date: Thursday, 30 September 2021
Time: 9am - 10am

BDO New Zealand
Online Webinar  

  • Summary

A pragmatic and valuable conversation with Jarrod Kerr to discuss his perspective of the key economic indicators that will be impacting New Zealand's mid-market businesses like yours in Q4, and into 2022.

We'll also present crucial risk management lessons that businesses should take into 2022 highlighting the biggest challenges that are forecasted for NZ businesses, including the current skills/labour shortage, the increasing value of investing in data analysis plus other technology, and the critically important need to tackle Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

Nick Davies will provide his insights on challenges and benefits of implementing a structured approach to 'welcoming-risk' at Whakarongorua Aotearoa.

You and your colleagues will want to register for this FREE webinar that presents both the 'big-picture' risk outlook, and practical steps that you may consider to mitigate risk in your business going forward.