• BDO Eyes on Tax - Pre-Election Webinar

BDO Eyes-on-Tax webinar: Pre-Election Special

Date: Wednesday 26 July
Time: 9-10 AM


  • Summary

With just over two months until the 2023 General Election (14 October), tax is becoming a hot topic across the country. While we’re not likely to hear much on tax from political parties until closer to the election day, the recent tax policy announcements that have been made are still front of mind for businesses.

Tune in to our pre-election tax webinar, where Iain and Mark from BDO’s Eye’s on Tax team will unpack and compare the pre-election tax policies that have been announced, discussing how they could impact your business, your tax position and what you may need to consider.

Following on from the change in the Trustee tax rate to 39% webinar, Iain and Mark will take you through;

  • Recent GST changes
  • Share the results of BDO’s global survey on tax and ESG
  • Explain the new foreign income and foreign trust disclosures; and
  • Compare each party’s pre-election tax policies.


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