• BDO 7P Model

BDO 7P model: Helping optimise your businesses for the new reality

Date: Wednesday, 29 September 2021
Time: 10am - 11am

BDO New Zealand
Online Webinar  

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As New Zealand businesses navigate the wake of COVID-19, their ability to adapt will be key. Many will have paused to reconsider the obvious business impacts, but have you truly tested your strategy against local and global benchmarks?  Do you have a full understanding of the core business functions (internal factors) impacted by the global pandemic which need to be optimised and realised?

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We welcome you to join us online at 10am – 11am, Wednesday 29 September 2021 as we share more about the 7p tool; offering a practical overview of how to how to use it for your business’ advantage.

What is the 7p model?
BDO’s 7p diagnostic model helps assess your business performance, market position and determine if you need to RETHINK your strategy, by cross-checking you are focusing on the priority business areas.

The 7p tool analyses your business in line with the seven core business functions that the global pandemic has impacted. These are the internal factors that need to be optimised – and realised - in order to ensure that an organisation can successfully adapt to the new reality; people, processes, purpose, profit, performance, productivity, and place.