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BDO Christchurch offers the best business advice in Christchurch and the whole of the Canterbury region.  Our team provides both traditional and contemporary business advisory, financial, and accounting services to provide professional support and guidance throughout the lifecycle of your business or personal situation. By visiting BDO Christchurch first for business advice we can help you to diagnose your immediate needs, prioritise your actions and look for further help as required. 

Our services include:

Audit and Assurance


We provide a full range of independent audit and assurance services, including audit and review engagements, agreed upon procedures and specialist assignments as well as organisational reviews.  This includes financial reporting, forensic services, internal audit, management advice on systems and performance, R & D grant reviews, AML/CFT reviews, structure and governance reviews. 

We take pride in working in a pragmatic and positive manner with our clients.  We deliver a Partner-led service that is tailored to each client using globally recognised methodology and technology.  Our service is based on clear communication, quality and timeliness and a service culture that will exceed your expectations. 

Contact Warren Johnstone and Mike Rondel to learn more about BDO Christchurch’s Audit and Assurance.


Business Restructuring


Our business restructuring team offers a number of advisory services including independent business reviews, pre-lending advice, business health checks, cashflow reviews, investigating accountant’s reports, business turnarounds and corporate restructuring, debt restructuring, divestment of business and assets, independent board advisory and assessment of corporate governance. 

We specialise in working with businesses and their stakeholders facing challenges in order to put them back on the right track and maximise stakeholder returns.  No matter how the business got to where it is, BDO can help make the best of the situation at hand.  As with any business recovery or potential insolvency, timing is of the essence.  Paying attention to early warning signs could mean the difference between success and failure.

Contact Colin Gower and Diana Matchett to learn more about BDO Christchurch’s Business Restructuring.


Corporate Finance


Corporate Finance can assist in a range of services including mergers and acquisitions, raising debt or equity, capital restructurings, and other strategic business decisions.  Our clients are typically national and international medium-sized businesses and private equity firms across a wide range of industries.  BDO’s international presence enables our clients to take advantage of global opportunities and is a significant benefit when it comes to identifying and facilitating opportunities across the globe.

Our team has extensive experience in due diligence projects whether for the buy side (acquisition) or the sell side (vendor), management buy-outs and buy-ins, valuations, capital raising, financial modelling (including project feasibility and business case reporting) and independent expert reports (including litigation support).

Contact Andrew Grace to learn more about BDO Christchurch’s Corporate Finance.


Financial Compliance


Our team is here to ensure that your financial statements and tax returns are prepared to adhere to standard accounting principles and tax rules and regulations.  In addition, our team have expertise in advanced compliance requirements like IFRS accounting standards and other compliance standards.  We are prepared to help you meet all your reporting requirements and ensure that your business adheres to external rules and internal controls.

Contact Martin Veitch to learn more about BDO Christchurch’s Financial Compliance.


Financial Modelling and Analysis


Financial modelling is the task of building an abstract representation of a real world financial situation. We have well-experienced team members who can design a mathematical model to represent the performance of a business, project or any financial asset.  The financial model can then be used for decision making and performing financial analysis.

Contact Andrew Grace to learn more about BDO Christchurch’s Financial Modelling and Analysis.

Growth and Business Services


In addition to traditional compliance services, such as preparing financial statements and income tax returns, we help individuals and businesses step back from the day-to-day and focus on the bigger picture. We can review operations for efficiencies, recommend strategies to improve cash flow, and help you understand the real drivers of profitability. BDO understands how to sustain business growth and avoid common pitfalls. We can help you understand the growth cycle and anticipate the challenges you are likely to face as your business grows.

Contact David Ward to learn more about BDO Christchurch’s Growth and Business Services.


Information Systems


Powerful information systems are behind every leading business. That's why BDO has a dedicated team of technology consultants focused on getting this engine right.  We help businesses with technology consulting services, implementation, enhancement and governance. Our consultants are qualified Chartered Accountants who have commercial and technical expertise. This ensures we can best tailor the relevant systems to your specific needs to produce accurate financial information.

Contact Will Parker to learn more about BDO Christchurch’s Information Systems.


Outsourcing Business Services


Outsourcing aspects of your finance function can improve your operating efficiency and business cost structure. Our Christchurch BDO team provides an outsourcing service across the full spectrum of finance and accounting functions. Our expert team will give you the confidence that your finances are being taken care of so that you can focus on what you do best - operating and growing your business. We can help with Bookkeeping, Treasury, Outsourced finance functions and Payroll.

Contact Martin Veitch to learn more about BDO Christchurch’s Outsourcing Business Services.


Strategic Business Advisory


Our advisory services are designed for clients of all sizes, in public and private sectors, to improve business performance, boost profit margins and/or reduce costs. Our range of services includes strategy development, identification of key business drivers, performance improvement, risk management, solutions for business transformation and IT strategy and projects. We can also help you grow management capacity, assist with business and succession planning, employee relations and recruitment, strategic marketing advice, organisational reviews and more.

Contact Phillip Roth to learn more about BDO Christchurch’s Strategic Business Advisory.


Succession and Family


We understand the unique challenges of family business. It’s common to see complex structures involving multiple entities, driven by changes in legislation or family circumstances that no longer reflect what you need. We help balance the needs of the family with those of the business with advice on governance, managing succession, improving communication, developing a family constitution, taxation and trusts.

Contact Phillip Roth to learn more about BDO Christchurch’s Succession and Family.


Tax advice and consulting


BDO Christchurch has a diverse tax team with the skills and experience to match your tax needs; whether compliance-based queries, consulting for your business restructure or overseas expansion, assisting with an Inland Revenue enquiry or conducting complex business transactions (i.e. a land sale) it can be almost impossible to understand all your obligations or if there is a better path to follow.  This is when you will need quality tax support that you can trust. 

Contact Mark Lodder to learn more about BDO Christchurch’s Tax advice and consulting.

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