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Why BDO Christchurch?

BDO Christchurch offers a workplace that is a step above others in our market, with a wide range of clients that you will love working and building relationships with.

Our teams back balance, combining hard work and fun at just the right level.

We get to know you - we learn what matters to you and we make it our business to back you to achieve your professional and personal goals.
We have an exceptional team with an active social club, sports teams and regular team activities.

We’ve asked our people to tell you themselves what it's really like working at BDO.


Sam Lange, Graduate Accountant - Business Advisory Services (Information Services), BDO Christchurch

Tell us about how you started your career with BDO

I started at BDO as part of the summer internship programme. We were rotated around the various divisions, so we got some understanding of what the work was like in each service line. This meant that when I was lucky enough to be offered a graduate position, I had a good idea of which department looked the most appealing and were able to get to know the people in those teams before starting work there. When we started as grads, there was a great induction period where we got to know each other and our roles within our teams. The intern experience definitely helped make the transition to work more comfortable as the working environment was familiar.

What has surprised you the most about working for BDO?

How many people there are in the office that are at the early stages of their careers. It’s nice to work with people that are in a similar career stage as you and have been through university and the CA (Chartered Accountants) programme recently. They’re always there to help with any questions we have and help us to feel supported.

How would you describe the culture at BDO?

I would say the main reason why I was so excited to come back to work for BDO after having done the internship was the people and the culture. Everyone is so supportive, friendly and kind; there is always someone to help if you ever need it, everyone always has a smile on their face and it makes it a lot nicer to come into the office. The culture feels quite ‘people’ driven, and it’s promoted by social events and sports teams. It makes BDO a place I’d highly recommend to graduates looking to start a career in the industry.

What makes BAS IS different to BAS Commercial?

BAS Commercial is about working with clients to plan for sustainable growth in their business based on the financials of the organisation, whereas BAS IS focuses on advising clients on new technologies they can implement to make both our jobs and our client’s jobs easier and more efficient. The two areas have distinct focuses but complement each other really well and work best in conjunction with each other. It’s an ever-evolving section of the industry and it’s rewarding to see the positive impact these changes can have on our clients.


Jessica Powell, Assistant Manager - Business Advisory Services, BDO Christchurch

What do you enjoy about working at BDO?

The best part about BDO is its people. Everyone here was so welcoming when I first started, I really couldn’t have found a better place to work. My mentor goes above and beyond to help me learn and develop as a Graduate, and the partner is very encouraging of the work I want to do. There are plenty of options both during and outside of work hours to spend time with your co-workers. We have a fantastic social club committee, who also do a range of charity fundraising and sporting activities for you to get involved in.

How do you see your future at BDO?

I believe you never stop learning and developing at BDO. I believe that’s how every organisation should aim to be. I see myself becoming a Chartered Accountant within the next few years, and with the incredible support of my fellow peers and mentor, I know I can achieve this goal. I look forward to developing not just my technical skills, but my ability to advise and guide my clients to be successful and achieve their own goals in the future.

What opportunities have you been given at BDO?

In my first year at BDO I was given the opportunity to work with a diverse group of clients, ranging from high value investment portfolios to small start-ups looking to make their stamp on the market. At the end of my first year at BDO, I lead a delegation of University of Canterbury students to China for five weeks. This role enhanced my Mandarin speaking skills, and my knowledge of Chinese culture and business. It was a real privilege to be there, and only made possible by BDO - who never fails to encourage employees to take opportunities that will help them grow and develop.

What does working in BAS role actually involve?

My work involves preparing accounts for sole traders, trusts and companies – but also providing them with advice and recommendations about ways to improve their performance. In BAS we also prepare insightful dashboards for our clients, which highlight how they are performing, and give them invaluable feedback about their businesses. I get to meet clients in person and do on-site visits, which are a fantastic opportunity for my personal growth and development. Above all, I get to work in a team of friendly, helpful peers, and on work which is both challenging and enjoyable.


Amy Goodman, Senior Manager - Audit and assurance services, BDO Christchurch

Tell us a bit about your time at BDO.

I joined BDO after completing my Bachelor’s Degree at UC. During this time, I have worked my way up from Graduate to Senior Manager in my team. My role has changed a lot in this time which has helped develop my professional skills as well as personal confidence. I have made some great friends along the way too which is a bonus. 

What’s it like doing a secondment with BDO?

I have been lucky enough to have two short term network secondments to Australia during my time with BDO. I spent 6 weeks in the Sydney office shortly after becoming a Chartered Accountant and then another 3 months in Perth back in 2016. This allowed me to do some travelling while keeping some of the comforts of my role here. We use the same audit programme internationally which makes auditing largely seamless from one place to another. It was great to work with some larger scale, listed entities. I have also been seconded several times to work with Audit NZ on some of their large, Crown owned entities.

What interests you about the Audit service line?

Audit provides the opportunity to see so many different entities in different industries and sectors. One week you could be working with a large not for profit discussing the various grants that they have been given to spend on the community, and the next week, out with a large international manufacturing entity shipping into Singapore. Every job is different and I’ve found that I am still finding new and interesting work every year with more opportunities to learn.

What do you think sets BDO apart from other Accounting firms?

BDO has the scale of any top firm internationally while still being able to give you the family feel. The culture here is one of inclusion and teamwork. This applies to both the job side of BDO and the social side. Everyone here is friendly and approachable which is a key factor of why I continue to want my career here.