BREXIT - Negotiations

Just over eight months ago, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a referendum whose outcome defied poll predictions and surprised millions on both sides of the Channel.

Now the ‘Article 50’ exit process and ensuing negotiations have begun, the shock of the result has worn off but many of the questions it threw up, remain. 

Given the complexity and importance of such an historic and unprecedented development in European politics, the lack of clear insight and certainty about the future is frustrating but not surprising. At such times, it is vital for both businesses and policy makers to remain calm, practical and focused on what is best for everyone in the long term, so that cool heads may prevail through the political turbulence.

Noel Clehane, Global Head of Regulatory & Public Policy Affairs, recently spoke with Iain Lowson, BDO UK Audit Partner and co-chair of the BDO Brexit Task force, to try and cut through the fog of rhetoric and uncertainty, both about where we are in the process and what comes next. As business analysts and partners for clients at UK, European and global level, we thought that it might be useful to capture some of our pertinent insights on video and you can watch that here.


BDO Global - Brexit interview with Noel Clehane and Iain Lowson from BDO UK LLP on Vimeo.