• Budget 2018

    The House that Grant Built



Expansion of service capacity and replacement of existing infrastructure are the focus for health spending

  • The health sector receives an additional $3.2 billion in operating funding over four years, along with $850m of new capital to tackle urgent building priorities. 
  • Free doctors’ visits are extended for under 14’s, provides services to an additional 56,000 youths.  Visits to the GP will be $20 – 30 cheaper per visit for Community Services Card holders, increasing access to healthcare.


New schools and classrooms, along with increased funding for operations grants

  • Education receives $1.6 billion in increased operating funding, which will help fund 1,500 additional teachers and roll growth. 
  • Early childhood gets a boost benefiting 200,000 children.


Increased state houses and the KiwiBuild program will deliver new housing

  • Housing receives $634m in additional operating funds and $369m in capital funding to allow 6,400 new state houses to be built over four years. 
  • Already committed in the 100 Day Plan announced in December 2017 is $2 billion of capital spending to fund the KiwiBuild program that will provide 100,000 affordable homes over ten years.


A more effective justice system, including increased police numbers

  • Justice receives $1 billion in operating funds and $216m in capital funding
  • Funding will provide for an extra 1,800 police officers

International development and aid

Improving our voice and relationships internationally

An increase of $714m over four years to tackle global and regional challenges